Saturday, May 09, 2009

Such a coward!

It has been a few times that I see him at the fitness club, on Thursday (running on the treadmill or at the assisted-muscle-building section) and on Saturday in the muscle-building room (when I go to the Body Pump class that is just next to it).

Last Thursday, I was working on a back-muscle machine - and during each little breaks between each series, I chill, I look around - I looked in the lateral mirror and I saw him on the treadmill and thought "oohh he is here!!!" mrgreen and kept turning over and looking in the mirror, again and again.

-I know nothing about him but he looks fiiine, is tall, dresses well (at least to train, hey, it counts, some dudes dress badly at the fitness club) and... is sportive! lol One of my "must be" criteria wink -

When I changed machine, I looked towards the treadmills but, he was gone! Such short time again! So I thought, "you should go and talk to him some day"... yeah right! Like if I was the kind of girl to do that. Never happened! Too shy redface But hey, what could happen if I wait for something... to happen.

I talked about the cute-guy-from-the-fitness-club to a friend and she said "Go and talk to him!". Easy to say, I am not the kind of person to make first move with someone I don't know, even on dating sites, I never send emails because I never know what to write neutral

So yesterday evening I thought about what I could say to approach him, thought about some lame sentences and then thought, the guy is going to wonder where I come from, who I am, what I want from him, and what could I possibly say to a stranger running on a treadmill to start the conversation and risk to disturb him but also get a "not interested" answer straight away.

I finally decided to take a piece of paper, write my cellphone number, name and a lame sentence such as "to maybe go and have a drink...". OMG, I was so laughing once I wrote that, I have NO IDEA what to say, what to do, so next time I see him I am going to (try to) give him the magic note and say something like "I am lame at doing this" and see what happens.

Then I thought, when what if he accepts and he finally turns out to be a jerk... eek damn...
Anyway, first, I will see if I even dare to do any first step.

There is another guy (hey, I have been single for almost a year and need a man to move one! twisted), he is one of the receptionists, good looking too. I was working on other muscle-building machines and saw him walk by to the emergency exit wearing a moto jacket and moto boots (a moto rider?! biggrin another "must be" criteria lol) and saw him come back after a few minutes (smelling cigarette, a "must not be criteria"). Then, one of the coaches walked by the same exit wearing a moto jacket and a helmet and coming back few minutes later also, so I thought, hey, here is an excuse to make first step and talk to the receptionist saying something about a secret moto parking spot or anything related to moto (female moto riders generally interest guys and especially riders wink), then I don't know, but, at least, it would be a way to start a conversation.

So when I was leaving, I arrived at the counter, they were four men talking (including the two moto riders). I said my name with a nice smile, he did not hear with the loud music and people shouting, so I repeated it, and he handed me my member card in exchange of the towel with a nice smile, I said "thanks, have a nice weekend" and... I walked out. Such a coward! Next chance is Tuesday (if any of them is there).