Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sugar addict...

I am luckily not addicted to alcohol, smoking or any lethal drugs. Never tried those ones and do not intend to. But I have to confess, I am a sugar addict!

I never consider this love for sweet food as an addiction until I heard, once, on television, a documentary that proved me it could be a total drug addiction. And I am sick.

I like to cook but I, especially, love to make cakes, pies, deserts and other sweet things. I used to put so much sugar in my yoghurts I could not eat like that now; it is just a question of habit. But for the rest of my sugar love, I can’t cure it and I think I do not want to.

I could eat pastries everyday. I could eat candies everyday. It is simple, if I do not want to eat them, I do not buy them because it is too hard to control myself. Nevertheless, I have made some progress lately, but only because I do not buy my favorites. If I would buy some of my favorite candies, the bag would not last long.

When I can cook something for my lunch at work, I prefer to do it but, when I lack of time, I buy something at the cafeteria, it is cheap, fresh food and very good. The thing is, for desert, you can either take a yoghurt, a fruit or a pastry. Last week, I had promised myself to be wise and eat light food because of Xmas weekend that was coming but last Thursday, I took a lemon pie for desert, it was too tempting and, OMG, it was so good. Today, I brought a home made meal and a yoghurt so I was not supposed to buy anything but when I saw someone coming out of the cafeteria with this pink-topped-choux bun, I could not help it but buy one in extra desert, especially during this week I called Xmas-weekend recovery when I am supposed to eat light. Damn me!

I am quite angry at myself because as I have not been to the fitness club in while “because of” work, I gained some grease back, I did not gained weight because I lost muscles (that are heavier than grease, etc.) but I can feel it in my pants, I feel fat.

The lost me need to get back on the right track, healthy food, sport regularly and an extra during the week, because it feels good for the spirit.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is summer more attractive to dating?

Is there something about relationships starting in spring or summer??

I do not know where that came from but, few days ago, I noticed that most of my - significant - relationships have always started during those seasons.

Do not we need more confort during winter, to keep warm?? lol

Or maybe is it because in spring/summer, people look nice, tanned, are in good mood or in vacation, girls wear skirts, show their legs and their skin, guys are topless, the sun is shinning, you stay outside later and more often than in winter when itis freezing and one can barely ones faces with our hats, scarfs, warm jackets, snizzing and caughing because of a bad cold...

Is there a correlation between the fact that we look better in summer than in winter so that we date more and are more attractive to others? What do you think?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mister What?

Today, a Mister Cwajgenbaum came for an interview... each time I have to call someone to annonce a visitor with a inpronouncable name, I just say that the "person for the itw has arrived and give his/her first name" because I would not want to laugh on the phone or anything else trying to pronounce those names.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Long time no write!

Long time no write! What a shame!
A lot (and so few at the same time) has happenned since July!

Work and love disapppointments (again and still), vacation in the South of France with my moto (that was a very nice thing!) and a new (crappy) job since mi-October.

I am currently working as a hostess in the head office of a bank in the business center of Paris La Défense. The conditions, the salary (and the bosses) are very pitiful but hey, one has got to pay the bills, the rent and survive. Apart from the (many) negative aspects, the good thing is that I work not very far from home, I have my weekends free as well as Monday afternoon from 1PM (French law about work contracts based on 35 hours per week), so I try to take advantage about this. But there will be a lot to talk about from work as weird/bad/silly/stupid things happen each day here because of the staff, the visitors or our bosses.

Today, Christmas trees have been placed in the welcome halls of the compagny buildings of the site. Green decoration, pretty but not gorgeous, green on green?...
This year has gone through so fast again! Xmas is only a month away!

A part of my job is to create badges for the visitors of the next day for the Executive Directors meetings and the Breakfast/Lunch/Cocktails salons invitees.

We, sometimes, also have to create badges for big meetings, colloquiums, , for 30, 50 or even 200 people. When we receive the list early that is fine but sometimes it is very short noticed and as i work alone the afternoon, it can really be a mess for me. I am supposed to received a liste of 30 invitess for tomorrow, I really hope I will not receive it late or that this meeting is not tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July updates

Wow, it has been a month!... Shame on me... but I have been less on the Web lately, do not blame me ;)

For the latest news: Sisi has been operated, her ovaries and uterus has been removed in case of a tumerous status. I was very worried that such a small and fragile animal suffered had such a surgery, she stayed 48h at the vet clinic, it was weird to be on my own at home but I was glad to pick her up at the end of the week. She recovered well and is not back on her being-a-small-crasy-rabbit! lol Little heroine! ;)

I started to work at the fitness club I use to go to train on June 29 and it is soon over, already!
I really enjoyed working there, like the environment, the people I worked with are nice and I think I made new friends, the bosses too and I am sad they cannot offer me to stay more (it was just a fixed-term contract to replace a girl in vacation this month), it's the closed fitness club of the branch and it's my club... anyway, I will see where the wind takes me in September.

The good thing about this mission... I will leave the club with a little souvenir... Not single anymore :) On my first week there, a colleague introduced me to a friend of his that is a member of the club and apparently, liked me as soon as he saw me (we had never met before at the club even when I was also a member there before to work there). We managed to talk for the first time at the club and then met for a drink and another one - not easy because he is an air steward on long-distance flights - and we got along well. This brand new relationship is gonna be on a break for about twenty days because he has his last flight tomorrow and then leaves on vacation for two weeks and I also leave on vacation in the south of France for a couple of weeks.

More updates to come before I leave on vacation next week...