Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July updates

Wow, it has been a month!... Shame on me... but I have been less on the Web lately, do not blame me ;)

For the latest news: Sisi has been operated, her ovaries and uterus has been removed in case of a tumerous status. I was very worried that such a small and fragile animal suffered had such a surgery, she stayed 48h at the vet clinic, it was weird to be on my own at home but I was glad to pick her up at the end of the week. She recovered well and is not back on her being-a-small-crasy-rabbit! lol Little heroine! ;)

I started to work at the fitness club I use to go to train on June 29 and it is soon over, already!
I really enjoyed working there, like the environment, the people I worked with are nice and I think I made new friends, the bosses too and I am sad they cannot offer me to stay more (it was just a fixed-term contract to replace a girl in vacation this month), it's the closed fitness club of the branch and it's my club... anyway, I will see where the wind takes me in September.

The good thing about this mission... I will leave the club with a little souvenir... Not single anymore :) On my first week there, a colleague introduced me to a friend of his that is a member of the club and apparently, liked me as soon as he saw me (we had never met before at the club even when I was also a member there before to work there). We managed to talk for the first time at the club and then met for a drink and another one - not easy because he is an air steward on long-distance flights - and we got along well. This brand new relationship is gonna be on a break for about twenty days because he has his last flight tomorrow and then leaves on vacation for two weeks and I also leave on vacation in the south of France for a couple of weeks.

More updates to come before I leave on vacation next week...