Sunday, January 25, 2009


It is Sunday evening and I just felt like a HOT/NOT:

- got a (part-time) job, nice colleagues and boss
- will have more money to live (survive?)
- back on the sport track and it feels good
- new fitness club is nice
- have time to cook again regularly and I like it!
- love and get used to my new hair cut
- finally wearing all my skirts and dresses more often than never at work and like it
- after a medical abortion at 6 months pregnancy 2 years ago, my pregnant friend is having a nice second pregnancy and I feel happy for her!biggrin
- it is CSI New York time! wink

- still not okay on the cardio thing, my heart is still going crazy during effort
- worried about not being enough prepared for the HNJ selections in few weeks and could not imagine failing the tests, I want this job, this is the job for me! redface
- has been single since last break-up with D, last summer and I feel so lonely...
- it is already Sunday evening!
- cannot follow her new rules: enough candies and sweet stuff, eating whenever my mind want to

Pump it!

Last year, well, December 2007, I decided handle my health and body seriously. I used to go to a little fitness club in Paris but as I just paid each session and did not registered, and also because I had to take the train to go there, I would not go very often. So, I took advantage of a special offer to register to a nice big fitness club in the town where I lived, in the region Commercial Center, very practical, 10min away from home by car. I instantly became addicted to being a sporty girl as I discovered the Body Pump! It is a course that lasts 55 minutes and contains 8 muscle-group specific songs, it is nice to work with music and I found this course very entertaining! Along with more traditional abs & butt courses or stretching course, I just loved BP and I had to have my dose each week, like an addict! lol

Indeed, I began to like this challenging course, you handle your weight bar and day after day, you put heavier weights on it, it is also nice to feel this healthy tiredness at the end of the day.

Since I moved, last summer, I tried to go to the fitness club in my former town twice a week, would slept at my mom's who still lives there, it was not practical but since I have not being working from October to December, I could do it.

My subscription ended in late December so I had to find another fitness club. I decided to register to closest one in my new town, that is near the train station and 15min away from home by foot (or 5 min by bus). I went there for the first time last Monday. It is not as nice and cool and big as my former club but it is okay. On Monday, I will go after my work day, as I finish at 6pm. Last week, there were so many people, the club was crowded and you had to wait your turn to be able to jump on a bycicle or another cardio machine. The BP course was also very crowded and you could barely see the coach on her platform.

I went back there yesterday, and thought it would also be crowded because, it is the weekend and places like that are generally full on people days off... but it was not. It was kind of empty! And it is like that every weekend, people use to come on Monday or between 5 to 7pm. It was nice to have ones own space to practice correctly and jump from one cardio machine to another or in the muscle-building machines. I will definitely go more often in the weekend!

A little more than a year ago, I was far from being a sporty person, I would not go as a pleasure activity, now, I could not imagine leaving without sport. And when, I cannot go at least once a week, I feel bad, sore, old and stressed! lol

I also need to have a good health and sport condition for my HNJ wink, so it is more than a good motivation!

Tomorrow evening, I am going again for a BP course and will probably stay for a abs & butt course and then stretching course to feel good and have a nice sleep. biggrin

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cooking Time!

It has been few years I started to really cook (not just open a box and put it in the microwave or cook eggs in a stove) and I love it. As a kid, my mom was a housewife most of my childhood so she was always home to cook for me lunch when I was back home school or High School and in the evning to cook us dinner with my dad. I never had to "learn" to cook for myself and she never encouraged me to do so.

I think it started when I was dating my University boyfriend back in 2003, as an orphan, he and his sister had had to learn to cook for themselves and when they were kids, they parents owned a Greek restaurant (they come from a French/Greek family). More and more I begin to like cooking for us, for me, and later for my Mom and I when my dad had left home and I was no longer dating that boyfriend.

My speciality? Sweet things! I'm a "sweet girl"! wink
I love to create and I love to create stuff in cooking too. I make fruit pies, stewed apples, last evening I had some - too ripe for me - bananas and did not want to throw me away so I made out a bananas gratin for the first time and it was yummy!! I made one again last weekend at my mom's and her partener and her just loved it, nice! biggrin Now I want to try to make a pinapple gratin.

I also like to cook salty pies and lots of vegetarian dishes (as I am a veggie but also because I love vegetables!), salty gratins. Yesterday, I try to make a new thing, some rice with zucchinis cooked in just some olive oil and coconut milk I used for the very first time, that was yummyyyyy!

Now that I work with weird working hours, I am home late and do not have time to cook and I only have 30min to eat lunch, most often in the afternoon, at work. So, now, I have to make a "cooking planning" lol and take advantage of my free mornings to cook. It is less fun to cook for one of course but you have food for at least two meals.

I am not much of an "all-made" dishes you buy at the supermarket, they are practical when you don't have time from time to time but I often make things myself after having looked at the prepared dishes that give me ideas, as so, you can controle the amount of grease and salt you put in and your healthier dishes are free from chemical stuff!

I am so in a cooking mood right now! biggrin

Friday, January 16, 2009

2009, année du neuf!

Hey blog people!

Long time no see!
Last summer, I needed to take a break from the blogsophere cause many (not nice) things happenned in my life and it was too much to handle my blog and my inspiration most of all...

More than once, I wanted to write again but the inspiration (and motivation?) was still not there, I also thought that my fellow friend bloggers would have forgotten me. I hope not cause I'm definitely back on the Web! biggrin

It's getting late and I'm getting up "early" (for a Saturday off work) so I won't stay long tonight.

Here are some news about the past 6 months:

- D. changd his mind about me moving in with him
- Thus, I had to find a place to live in 3 weeks! (because my parents' appartment had been sold already)
- D. suddenly broke up with me
- I worked as a temp secretary for 2 weeks while I was looking for an appartment and didn't like the job at all
-I visited 7 appartments in 2 weeks and finally found one nice (what a record!), not near where I lived for 26 years because I was still dating D. when I signed the papers, so now I live in the city next to where lives D. (how nice...)

- Moved my stuff into the new place with my dad and my former neighbors and lived at my mom and her partener's place for a month for practical reasons
- Got a permanent job in a fashion firm as an assistant buyer
- Worked at the new job for a week before my vacation
- "Had" to go in vacation to the south of France by myself because I still had the train tickets I had bought for me and D. for our vacation (actually lost money because I obviously didn't use all the train booked tickets), but finally had a great week an a half in Marseille and Nice, meeting some friends and family!
- I turned 26 and it was okay
- I indirectly learnt that D. found a new girlfriend and it is still not okay

- Moved in my new appartment with Sisi
- Started the permanent contract job
- Got fired after the two "test" weeks of the contract for no decent reason with a rent to pay

- Italian friends of mine spent a week at my place, it was very nice but it's really small to live as 3 people here
- Went to a work exhibition in Paris and I decided about my (hopefully) new work life

- Went to an information meeting about that (hopefully) future new job and it is definitely what I want to do!

- My 21 years old niece and her boyfriend from Nice spent a long weekend at my place and it is definitely too small to live as 3 people here! lol
- I had my hair cut... a lot! Like I never did since I was a kid, was scared to do it in one time but I just love it now and so do my friends and relatives! New hair cut for new year!
- After 3 months back on job seeking without any response, randomly encountered a wanted ad for a job on Dec. 31, asked about it and did good because now I have a partial contract job as a salesperson in a Kookaï shop, in my new town, 5 min from home by food, the environment, the job and the co-workers are nice and I have time to prepare my (hopefully) new job test selections.

-Spent a long weekend in the south-west of France at my grand-parents' I had not seen for 2 years (medical problems from my grandpa), didn't do much, was kind of bored but watched plenty of movies in the train and at their house and spent a nice time with them! Family counts!
- Began new job a week ago, not much money but have time for HNJ (hopefully new job) preparation and the job is nice.
- Has been living in new suburb "far" from home, new city, new appartment and I like it here!
- Is back on the blogosphere and it feels nice.

Don't need a shrink, I write a blog! mrgreen