Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cooking Time!

It has been few years I started to really cook (not just open a box and put it in the microwave or cook eggs in a stove) and I love it. As a kid, my mom was a housewife most of my childhood so she was always home to cook for me lunch when I was back home school or High School and in the evning to cook us dinner with my dad. I never had to "learn" to cook for myself and she never encouraged me to do so.

I think it started when I was dating my University boyfriend back in 2003, as an orphan, he and his sister had had to learn to cook for themselves and when they were kids, they parents owned a Greek restaurant (they come from a French/Greek family). More and more I begin to like cooking for us, for me, and later for my Mom and I when my dad had left home and I was no longer dating that boyfriend.

My speciality? Sweet things! I'm a "sweet girl"! wink
I love to create and I love to create stuff in cooking too. I make fruit pies, stewed apples, last evening I had some - too ripe for me - bananas and did not want to throw me away so I made out a bananas gratin for the first time and it was yummy!! I made one again last weekend at my mom's and her partener and her just loved it, nice! biggrin Now I want to try to make a pinapple gratin.

I also like to cook salty pies and lots of vegetarian dishes (as I am a veggie but also because I love vegetables!), salty gratins. Yesterday, I try to make a new thing, some rice with zucchinis cooked in just some olive oil and coconut milk I used for the very first time, that was yummyyyyy!

Now that I work with weird working hours, I am home late and do not have time to cook and I only have 30min to eat lunch, most often in the afternoon, at work. So, now, I have to make a "cooking planning" lol and take advantage of my free mornings to cook. It is less fun to cook for one of course but you have food for at least two meals.

I am not much of an "all-made" dishes you buy at the supermarket, they are practical when you don't have time from time to time but I often make things myself after having looked at the prepared dishes that give me ideas, as so, you can controle the amount of grease and salt you put in and your healthier dishes are free from chemical stuff!

I am so in a cooking mood right now! biggrin

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wontletlifedefineme said...

I love cooking - it can be so de-stressing! Whenever I have too much on my mind cooking really helps. Rice and aubergines in coconut milk sounds delicious! I'll have to try that sometime. My new favourite is pasta with broccoli and chicken in a cream and pesto sauce. It's perfect for cheering yourself up.