Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sugar addict...

I am luckily not addicted to alcohol, smoking or any lethal drugs. Never tried those ones and do not intend to. But I have to confess, I am a sugar addict!

I never consider this love for sweet food as an addiction until I heard, once, on television, a documentary that proved me it could be a total drug addiction. And I am sick.

I like to cook but I, especially, love to make cakes, pies, deserts and other sweet things. I used to put so much sugar in my yoghurts I could not eat like that now; it is just a question of habit. But for the rest of my sugar love, I can’t cure it and I think I do not want to.

I could eat pastries everyday. I could eat candies everyday. It is simple, if I do not want to eat them, I do not buy them because it is too hard to control myself. Nevertheless, I have made some progress lately, but only because I do not buy my favorites. If I would buy some of my favorite candies, the bag would not last long.

When I can cook something for my lunch at work, I prefer to do it but, when I lack of time, I buy something at the cafeteria, it is cheap, fresh food and very good. The thing is, for desert, you can either take a yoghurt, a fruit or a pastry. Last week, I had promised myself to be wise and eat light food because of Xmas weekend that was coming but last Thursday, I took a lemon pie for desert, it was too tempting and, OMG, it was so good. Today, I brought a home made meal and a yoghurt so I was not supposed to buy anything but when I saw someone coming out of the cafeteria with this pink-topped-choux bun, I could not help it but buy one in extra desert, especially during this week I called Xmas-weekend recovery when I am supposed to eat light. Damn me!

I am quite angry at myself because as I have not been to the fitness club in while “because of” work, I gained some grease back, I did not gained weight because I lost muscles (that are heavier than grease, etc.) but I can feel it in my pants, I feel fat.

The lost me need to get back on the right track, healthy food, sport regularly and an extra during the week, because it feels good for the spirit.