Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shoot a Life!

I take advantage of my blog's first monthaversary to start a new one.

Don't worry, there will be very little to read, it will be mostly for the "pleasure of the eyes" biggrin

As a lot of people, I life to take pictures.
I like to go to Paris, hang around and shoot. Or every time I go out, you never know...

For me, vacation without bringing back home pictures and visual memories would not be right.

Few years ago, when numerical cameras did not exist, we would have the pleasure and the surprise to discover our photos, masterpieces or completely spoilted. Would they be well centered, would the light be adequate, would they be blurred or turn into a soft focus.

Now that we have access to numerical cameras, image retouching software, extern hard drive to stock thousands of pictures, we can shoot as much as me want and chose the photos we want to keep and create online or virtual albums, we can share with our relatives and friends, all over the world. Do you remember when, before, you would make about 30 photos when the photo film was correctly put and now, it is more about 100 or sometimes even more!

I miss the surprise to discover our photos, the time we had to wait for them to be printed on paper.

But modern technologies have brought the power to make perfect pictures and make it easier for non professionals to obtain nice pictures.

As it is still a blog and I want to keep the mystery of not knowing the person behind it, so far there will not be any faces or, at best, blurred faces. cool

Hope you like it! rolleyes

P.S. you can have access from my Blogger profile or "Blogs I like to visit" link wink

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Month(@)versary!

A month ago, I started this blog.

I had been thinking about it for some time but did not know what I would write about, I wondered how bloggers had so much inspiration.
I was wondering too much because the inspiration and subjects come very easily to my mind, whether they deal with the past, the present and everyday life or the future.

The inspiration, sometimes, also comes from other blogs I found.
I have enjoyed to write for the past month but I also like to read from bloggers. And I have my favorites! wink

I have been asked if "What were you doing last year?" post had been therapeutic and I think writing a blog is being therapeutic.
The power to exchange opinions, fragments of our life whether we are expat or not, married or single, man or woman, and whatever our nationality.

I find the blogosphere, everyday, more interesting!

Long life to all my fellow bloggers! razz

P.S. I found "monthversary" and "monthaversary" on Internet... What do you say? In French, we say "Joyeux moisversaire".

Monday, April 28, 2008

Are you Fromage?

When I type "frogmae" on French Google, it proposes me "fromage" instead! LOL

How funny for a French girl! mrgreen

Men are cowards

There, I said it.

I don't like generalities but that's a fact. They don't like to talk, to talk about their feelings, to talk about problems. At least, according to my personal experience.

Not that my love life is an interesting issue but let me give you some explanations.

Guy #3: dated in High School. Sent a friend of his to tell me my boyfriend thought we were not getting along at best.

Guy #6: we met during a summer job in June, he has just broken up with his 3-year relationship girlfriend (I was not aware of the length of it). We dated for about a month before I left for the South of France to work as it was planned. While I was away, he suddenly stopped calling and answering the phone. Later, he explained that he had met again his ex, they had talked a lot and he thought he still had feelings for her. We met once again but we were not alone so we couldn't talk about THE issue. I didn't have news after that for a long time. A friend of his I had also met through this summer job, told me he thought he was back with his ex-girlfriend. Nice! [to follow]

Guy #7: met at Univ., dated for about 3 years and a half. It was not going very well for the last year but we (I?) wanted to make it work, I tried to talk about it because I had the feeling it was going nowhere. He always said "we will talk about it after our final exams, I don't want to mess everything up right now". His favorite answers were "I don't know" and "we'll see about that later". Instead of talking he preferred cheating on me (once or several times). I learnt about it a day after I finally broke up in July 2006, through a friend of his (that is no longer his friend because of that). I didn't want to hear about him for a while. Now, we are just in touch through Facebook but I never talk about my love life because as soon as I dated someone else after him, he called me a slut. Last year, when he suspected I had a new boyfriend, he went all jealous. He can't bear that I've been moving on. Now, he wants us to have a drink someday.

Guy #8: I met him first in 1997, in a Clud Med in Tuscany. We met again 9 years later, in August 2006. He came to Paris, then I came to where he lives in Italy. We dated for as long as we were together. We said that we would try to see each other afterwards, we didn't know how but we would manage about something. About a month later, back home, I wanted to plan a weekend there but he would never answer my emails. When we finally succeeded to talk on Internet, he told me he never promised anything, that his last year of studies was very important and that he preferred to stay single for the moment, that it would be too difficult to deal with a long-distance relationship. He didn't even want to try. Now, we get along as friends and he still regrets it.

Guy #6 - round 2. A year after we had met, I received a text message from him. At first, I didn't want to hear about him but I was dating guy #7 so my feelings were all gone and I didn't fear anything at that time. We stayed in touch after that message. We saw each other twice in two years and a half, it was friendly. In early 2006, when my couple was almost dead, we met and I almost fell for him, he was single, but I was not and was too serious and honest and wanted to make my couple work (what a fool!). Six months later, in summer 2006, I went to spend a week at his place, he has been living in the South of France for few years now, for work. When I planed the trip, I was still dating my boyfriend and he also had a girlfriend (in Paris), so it would be friendly and didn't think about anything else. But, when I arrived I was single and being together brought back memories and we started flirting. As soon as I wanted to talk about it, he said that I had been imagining things (I surely was not according to his attitude), that he still liked me a lot but that he was in love with his girlfriend, ouch! That hurted a lot! We managed however to have a nice end of week. Since then, his girlfriend came to live with him, we didn't have the occasion to meet again but when we talk on Internet, there is still something, some flirting. Lately, he even told me that he had been thinking about how it could have been if he hadn't been such an jerk the first time, etc. Yeah, so wasn't I right about his filrting?

Back to the present time. I didn't talk about it but I began to talk on Internet with a guy I found interesting (from Meetic), we were getting along and I wanted to ask him for a drink someday, virtual talk is okay for some time, but after three weeks of getting to know each other, I wanted to move forward. He has never been back on MSN so far, I can see he's still online on Meetic but no answer to my emails.
Men, if you're not interested, at least have the courtesy and honesty to say you finally don't want to go further, that you met someone else, anything, but talk and explain!!

Men, you're supposed to have balls, but when it comes to feelings, to relationships and future, you seem to have lost them.

My long relationship boyfriend used to say that I had balls, well, indeed I got used to take decisions and initiatives.

A relationship is made of two people, I learnt it and keep saying it to my friends: the best way to solve a problem is to talk.

Silence will never solve anything and being a coward will never lead you to the right decision.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

What were you doing last year?

I have always been a very nostalgic person. rolleyes Nothing will ever change me I think.

Earlier, as I was kind of bored, I was wondering about what I was doing last year on the same date.

I have kept my diaries since I had one, since 2001, even if back then, I didn't write much in them.

Let's do a little time travel.

April 27, 2007
: I went to the movies to see "Shooter" and had a drink afterwards with the first guy I had met from Match. And about to meet the
choice-maker second guy from the same Website. I was at my 4th moto license lesson.

: I was doing my last end-of-studies 5 months
- boring - internship.

: It was my fourth year of studies (first year at Business School) and, back from Easter break, this week was dedicated to various
vivas (for a group work, for the associations - I was in the Cinema association). The two weeks after were dedicated to the final year (12) exams! I was organizing my long-relationship ex-boyfriend's birthday with his friends (what he never did for me, that or anything else confused).

: Last and second year at University,
few works to hand out but nothing special according to what I wrote down.

: First year at University. Easter break, having driving license lessons and then at my sister's, in Nice (French Riviera) for a few days.

: Theoretical driving lessons. About to leave, for my first time, to Malta, with my mom. (I was back from the US in later December 2000 - I was supposed to come back only in Summer 2001, long story - and only started Univ. in October 2001. I was young and stupid and wanted to take advantage of that free time and didn't even work or anything else. I TRULY regret it now!
sad) Three weeks later, I got my first tattoo! biggrin

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The 3S: Sunny Spring Saturday

I was sitting in the train and my MP3 was playing music in my ears when I suddenly started hearing a loud music, how could this be possible?

Believe it or not but some disrespectful man - as there are some - was listening to some loud music on his cell phone like he didn't care it bothered people around him.

Then, I was in the escalator going up to take the metro when I suddenly smelled the smell of a cigarette, how could this be possible as smoking in public places like train station has been forbidden for years.

Well, believe it or not but a woman had just lighted up a cigarette and was poisoning all of us as well as breaking the law.

Fortunately, I was meeting a friend near the Bois de Vincennes (the East woods of Paris) to take advantage of a forecasted sunny day and cheer up my mind. It's amazing how 2 or 3 hours chatting, laying on the grass, the sun on your face can do you good. The sky is blue, cloudless, you close your eyes and you imagine yourself, laying on a beach, somewhere far from home and worries for a few minutes.

It's funny to see that, as soon the sun is shining on the weekend, people leave their houses and invade parks, woods or any green spaces, restaurants and bars's terraces or anything else. The wood was crowded, next to it there was the Foire du Trône, the Spring Paris fair, also very crowded. Before to leave, we went there to eat a little something, very greasy and sweet for once and watch some attractions we would "never" ride.

Tomorrow is back to reality, I think I'll go and try the Body Combat course in the morning at the fitness club and work on my job research in the afternoon... less funny but "needy".

Sunday morning update: my face (nose and cheeks) is all pinkish - what a funny word - because of the sun!
redface mrgreen

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wild Life: how clever!

Twiggy, the water-skiing squirrel wink

Animal Actor Studio: squirrel fight mrgreen

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to Meet(ic) Mr Mystic - Part 2

I went to check my emails on Meetic and Match and one of them caught my attention.

It was short, sweet, well written, seemed sincere and the man on the profile picture also looked nice.
It was saying something like that: "after few months on this Website, I was disappointed and about to cancel my registration but then I found you and you made my day, I'm glad I came through your profile on time and hope to hear from you..."

I answered the day after, we talked on MSN and met the week after for coffee. It went very well, we were both glad and exchanged text messages in the evening. We met the following week for a drink and then he invited me to spent the Sunday afternoon in... Saint-Germain-en-Laye - rings a bell?, what were the chances?... - because he lives near this town. We had a delighted sunny afternoon, hanging around, having a drink on a terrace. He had a dinner in the evening so he drove me back to the train station, as the train was coming and he was already late, we just had the time to exchange few words about seeing each other later when he suddenly leaned towards me and kissed me...

After that, we had a very good month of June, I met some of his friends, spent whole weekends chilling out, had nice moments together and I had to leave for a summer job in early July, for about ten days, in Malta, as a French leader taking care of teenagers during a linguistic trip.

We were both very sad but I would be back soon. I don't know if there is a special air over there, if it was the heat, the fun of the job, the partying I had never done before in my life or meeting bunch of French and Maltese young people but after a few days, I kind of forgot about my boyfriend I had been talking about and was very sad to come back, as other French leaders. Not sad as when you come back from vacation but really sad and wishing so hard I could stay or even leave French to go and live there as I always wanted to move abroad.

When I came back, I gave as an excuse that I was sick, because I felt weird and not able to face my boyfriend yet. I was going to one of my cousin's wedding in the south of France and it let me some time to think about it.

It turns out that we didn't see each other for two months after that. I was still not feeling well, not totally understanding my state myself, I was very depressed because I couldn't find a suitable job and felt useless, I was not happy in my life and needed a way out. I got a ten-day way out but the thing is that it ended too soon and being back to reality was too hard to bear.

I dated nine men in my life (one twice) and if it didn't ended because we had met in holidays or so, I got dumped, taken for a fool and/or cheated on. This is why I have a hard time being confident about a healthy love life and having trust in guys in general.

For the first time, it seemed I had met a very good guy and I let him go, I still don't know why. I happen to think about the reasons I just explained above but I don't know if they are the real reasons...

Was it too perfect that it scared me? Was I too depressed to go on with this nice relationship?
For the first time, I got to be the bitch and no the victim, and it doesn't feel good either, it may be worse.

He and I met again in December for drinks but it wasn't the same, we were just friends.
We met again in January and started dating again... for two weeks.
I think I was just missing being in a relationship but we were not missing each other as lovers, but as friends. The love feelings had gone away. And anyway, something was broken forever. We could not catch up the magic of last June.

I believe in fate and sometimes think that, if this happened, it's just that we were not made to spend more time together. But I hope I'm made to spend some (long) time with someone.

I was so confused, I wanted to stop thinking about dating at all for a while. It's been three months now and I really miss it, being in a couple, especially when all my friends except one are either married/getting married/parents/living with their partner/in a relationship.

I know he has a new girlfriend - we was quite quick on that and it strangely hurt me - but I still have some of my stuff at his I need to go and get. I should do it and move on.

I've been back on Meetic and Match for a little more than a month - my registration was still on so that I would not have to pay to go back there but I had erased all my profile information - but nothing has happened yet. Can't find anybody I would like to meet and who I'm attracted by.

I've been even more difficult in finding a man I like, I don't spend much time on the dating Websites, I use the research stuff once in a while only, I received lots of emails but have not been touched by any of them so far, the whole thing is already annoying me. Let's hope I won't miss the right one, but when?

N.B. dating Websites sometimes bring you nice surprises. I only met one guy from Meetic, last June. We have been getting along well but are not interested in dating each other, so we became friends. We don't see each other a lot because we don't live very close but we have the passion of the moto in common (even if he doens't ride any moto for the moment because of an accident).

Monday, April 21, 2008

Untied Kingdom

A little message to my fellow British bloggers and readers:

I received the last FNAC newsletter and my eyes fell on this novel

Untied Kingdom (James Lovegrove)

Do know this author?

How to Meet(ic) Mr Mystic - Part 1

A year ago, April 2007, I finally let my pride and negative opinion aside and decided to join the club of the dating Websites, after a good friend of mine, who has been one of them for a few years now convinced me to at least try.

Let me set the background.

I dated a guy I met at University, from 2003 to 2006. I finally and courageously took the decision to end that relationship that was not making me happy anymore in summer 2006, I had just ended my studies and maybe willing to start fresh.

So after a 8-month single life, I decided it was time to move on and find a nice man who to share (good) moments with. I mean, single life if nice, but you can't live alone, I was beginning to miss the tenderness side (and more...) but also all the nice aspects of a relationship.

As I was not meeting new people at all, I decided to register to two dating Websites : Meetic & Match, as I didn't know how the whole thing worked and there are so many Websites like that now, I wanted to compare them and I was mostly curious than really into the process of virtual meetings.
I was very glad to see that, as a woman, I wouldn't have to pay, I'm not sure I would have let some euros for that stuff.

It was kind of funny to create my profile, harder when it came to the "describe yourself" page! I didn't want to add any picture of me first because I was still, somehow, ashamed of being on this kind of sites but understood later that, most people won't go further unless they can see how you look like, I was the first one to react like that. Aren't we, honestly, first attracted by the physical aspect of a person?! So, it took me a long time to sort "nice looking" pictures of me and then decide which ones I would add to my profile.

At the beginning, I went everyday to check my emails or the "flashes" on Meetic/"winks" on Match I had received.
Sometimes, I had some very LOL moments because, well... there are some pretty not good looking guys on this planet! Some that are really bad at introducing themselves or writing, and some not really smart. Sometimes, according to the main profile pic, you think "hey, not bad!" but then, either the other pictures won't please you at all or digging into the profile categories, you will discover that he smokes (I don't and can't bear cigarette's smoke) or is way too young for you or has a kid (not helping for a new relationship), etc.

I also spent hours using the research engine, you enter different criteria (age, location, details about hair, weight, height, status, kids, salary, occupation, hobbies, interests and more) and will pop up a range of profiles.

I was really eager to meet new people in general so I added many new MSN contacts, it was sometimes difficult to remember who was who, doing what, living where, that I had to make a little list to avoid mistakes! lol

There were some guys I was getting along with well but nothing more and with who I chatted for a few weeks without never going further.
I met 3 guys from Match.

I met the first one for a drink, we chatted, it was nice but I wasn't more interested, we kept on chatting on Internet for a while and I finally ended it up as it was going nowhere.

The second guy is some kind of story. We first met for a drink and got along pretty well, so we decided to meet again the next Sunday and spent the whole afternoon together in Saint Germain-en-Laye I didn't know at that time (West suburb of Paris), the afternoon led to diner back to Paris and he kindly drove me home whereas he was living on the other side of Paris. Nothing happened.

We met the following Tuesday, on May 1st (France Labor day) and spent the afternoon in a park. We met again, the next Saturday for a movie and ended up in a restaurant.
I was getting confused, about my feelings and his. Was he interested in a friendly way or more? And what about me? Had had four nice meetings but nothing more and my friend - the only one that knew about the dating Websites registration - was asking me about what was going on. I finally had a serious (virtual) talk with this guy and he confessed that he liked me very much but had also met another girl through friends of his and liked her too: akward!

He told me he had to make a choice, that he was not comfortable with this situation, so we met again for a movie and dinner but that wasn't like the other times, we both were even more shy. I felt like I was doing a final interview before he would take his decision, so weird. This was Saturday night. On Sunday evening, I received a text message saying something like "I'm sorry, I don't feel we can be together, I chose the other girl...". That was not a fair-play way to say this so I called him and asked for more details, his reasons were like "when we talk, there are so many blanks, we don't get along, we have nothing in common and this girl lives closer to me...". I had heard lots of crap from guys but that one was really good, that was not true at all but he had to find something to say.

I felt terribly betrayed and disappointed and was willing to end that stupid dating Websites stuff right away.

My friend adviced me to forget about him and move one, that there were many better guys out there.

I took a one-week break away from the Websites and that's when guy #3 made his appearance.

[ ... ]

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Haaaave you met Ted?

When FRIENDS left the screen forever, I felt as if I had lost a piece of famiy or a group of friends, I think that after 10 years of being a truly fan, that's how most people (strangely) felt.

I remember saying: "but what is going to cheer me up now when I feel down?!" xxx REPORT ANCIEN POST UNAGI

I don't remember how I discovered that series about 2 years ago but I think HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) can run for the title of best FRIENDS successor!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Super Bowl

12:30 pm is the time we met at the Crêperie in Montparnasse

7 is the number of players we were

4 is the number of times I had played before today

2001 is the last time I had played before today

53 are the points I scored on the first game (last on 7)

90 are the points I scored on the second game (4th on 7)

10 is the
maximum number of skittles I made fall together

9 is the weight of the bowl we (the girls) used

10 & 12 is the weight of the bowls the boys used (we are good

5 is the number of hours I had a very good time and forgot my worries

Friday, April 18, 2008

Traffic jam nonsense

I'm getting worried about my compatriots' sanity...

This morning, coming back from the fitness club, I was stopped at the red traffic light and seeing the line of cars, I remembered that there is a flowers fair this weekend downtown so one of the streets has been closed and turned into a pedestrian way.

The main road of downtown (where there are all the shops, banks, cafés, etc.) is composed of two lanes: one for the cars and one for the buses and bicycles.

But, because of the closed street and in order to fluidify the traffic, the bus lane has been opened to the cars. I saw the BIG sign at the traffic light where it's CLEARLY written "voie de bus autorisée" (bus lane opened). There is also a second square road sign where you can see TWO lanes.

As soon as I was beyond the traffic light I understood where there was such a mess: 95% of the people are not using the bus lane!! eek

Do you think, that these people:

1) are just stupid neutral
2) are blind (who knows...)
3) can't read a (very simple!) road sign (mmhh, thus should take the license exam again)
4) are afraid it's a trap from the police mrgreen
6) other

You should have seen the little crazy lady in her car gesticulating and shouting: "but take the bus lane, damn!!" rolleyes

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Favorite Quotes

Sometimes, you need a little motto to go on.

One of my favorite quotes is from Paul Bourget (a French writer)

"One must live the way one thinks or end up thinking the way one has lived"
So true!...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How can I help you?

Yesterday morning, I went and did the weekly shopping at Carrefour (equivalent of Tesco in England or Walmart in the US...) and it reminded me when I was a salesperson there in December 2004. During the 1st year of the Business School (and 3rd year of studies), we had to achieve a field internship (indeed, not in an office), to learn the basics of sales.

I didn't
wanted to go and work there but the salary was very good for one month (paid by a temping agency) and I got to work in the Carrefour of my town so I did knew it and it was close to home.

We were 5 people helping for Christmas sales (video games, music, video, books and one dealing with all the sections): I was in charge of the books section and it could not have been better because I love to read and I was more able to help and advice people on books than anything else.

It begins well because, as usual, the manager is not aware you actually begin your mission today, he/she is always
very busy and will deal with you later, asks an employee to show you the lockers, but they are all taken, so for today you put your stuff in the reserve, in the dust and where everybody can have access to your personal belonging but you don't really have the choice. Of course, this situation will last the whole month. wink

arrow Your mission is: advice customers, help increase the end-of-the-year sales (thus not hesitate to propose additional sales to the customers, that 90% of them will refuse, whatever... you are not paid at the commission).

You may have to advice customers about the other sections when one of your colleagues is ha
ving a coffee break or at the restrooms or having lunch... and of course, if you can't respond to the customer's question or request, you are judged incompetent or useless.mad On your good days, you will help the desperate customer and leave your co-worker and section alone, thus putting your job in jeopardy*. If you're lucky, you'll succeed in your short-term mission and please the customer.

your section is near the escalator, you may have to turn into an information desk when some people will ask you where to find some items you have no idea they are within the three-flour superstore! eek

The nice part was to:
- advice and talk about books
- meet nice people, like grandmas willing to please their grandchildren
- pretend to work with a customer when a friend or a relative was visiting
- go on coffee breaks when the manager was not working (because more than a 5mins-break during the day was considered enough!)
- hide from customers and make them look for me (you have to find the fun somewhere!

The less nice part was to:
- turn into a warehouse worker to rearrange a whole part of the books section (about four times during the month) because the "merchandising people" had worked on a new configuration (it took me 3 weeks to rearrange the pocket books shelves alphabetically)
- ask people not to read the magazines inside the store but buy them
- ask people not to seat on the books to read other books or magazines
- ask people not to eat food (sometimes coming from the store itself!) while reading the books/magazines/comics
- unpack regular deliveries (and broke a nail, cut a finger, break a bracelet, sweat like a pig at the end of the day redface) and put the price sticker on each piece (it's fun for about 10mins)
- deal with unpleasant customers evil
- work next to the music section and hear all day long the same promotional DVD (try to listen to the 15 same songs, all day long, during 20 days, you'll hate them for a long time after that)
- work till 8pm on Xmas eve and NYE

Despite all the negative side, as a student job, it was a good experience, I worked in a familiar environment, for a short mission, got a good review from the manager for my internship report, but I would never make it a career.

*exaggerating to increase the seriousness of the situation!

25 things to know about me

Scroll down and you will see, on the left part of the Home page, a new section.

I saw this on different blogs and thought it was a good idea to picture the person behind the blog

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sleepy Cuty Bunny

Just for fun, I found this video of a cute little bunny sleeping in a "weird" (for a rabbit) position and waking up all surprised! mrgreen

As a rabbit master, I wanted to share this video with any animal lover.

N.B. you can search other animal video on the Web page.

Move your body!

Yesterday, I fell for a new dance movie: Step Up 2 (after Step Up, Honey, Save the Last Dance...), it just makes you want to move your body! biggrin

Those guys are really talented, some of the choreographies are amazing, the soundtrack fits very well, the scenari are not very "original" but you don't go and see this kind of movies for the plot, do you? wink

If you like dance and music, and want to please your eyes and ears, I also suggest:

* Dirty Dancing
* Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
* Bring It On ("teenage" movie about cheerleading)
* Moulin Rouge (musical)
* Chicago (musical)
* Billy Elliot (about a young English boy who discover his love for Classical Dance)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What are you doing tonight?

On Friday or Saturday, I'm often asked:

"- What are you doing tonight?

- Nothing, chilling...

- What? You're not going out, partying, having some fun?

- heeuuu, nope"

Yeah, some people have trouble imagining a single girl staying at home, doing nothing special on a weekend evening BUT for the past year (at least),

I've been single (I mean no dating)

+ unemployed (thus broke)

= no money or spirit to partying, nothing interesting to talk about

= spending weekend evenings watching a movie, a series, Internet surfing, taking care of myself,

It's my routine and it's okay for me, even if this seems to be unimaginable for some people. smile

Anyway, I'm gonna have instead a leisure afternoon. I'm going to meet a friend in Paris and have a drink (or more!wink) at the Paradis du Fruit. Eating there is soooooo good! The work-out class this morning at the fitness club wasn't easy, I need a reward! mrgreen

P.S. damn, it's starting to rain just now... can someone tell me why, after a nice week working (or busy...), the weather on the weekend has to be so ugly rolleyes sad

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The One with Unagi

I don't even remember how and why it came to my mind this afternoon, I thought back to a very good episode of FRIENDS, The One with Unagi and found an editing of some extracts of this episode (season 6 episode 17), it feels so good. You may agree or not, but for me, FRIENDS was and will be the best series ever!! mrgreen

And as a fan or an addict, I almost have the complete series (I'm lacking season 1 and 2). I even bought the last season before it went out on television in France, when I was in London in 2003, great souvenir!!

I remember I couldn't watch the last double episode, I waited for weeks because I couldn't bear the idea that the series was over for good after this 10th season. It's been the only series that would always cheer me up when I was (or am) feeling down. Do not take antidepressants, watch FRIENDS! biggrin

The One with Unagi is a really good episode, I have watched the funny moments so many times in a row, I'm never bored!