Monday, April 14, 2008

Sleepy Cuty Bunny

Just for fun, I found this video of a cute little bunny sleeping in a "weird" (for a rabbit) position and waking up all surprised! mrgreen

As a rabbit master, I wanted to share this video with any animal lover.

N.B. you can search other animal video on the Web page.


Annie said...


trop mimi le lapinou qui fait dodo!!

Penelope said...

I showed it to my little Albions, they were mad.!!! Have a nice day xxx

Marianne said...

This is really sweet!! I saw some tiny rabbits in the market on the Isle de la Cite the other day, I really want one! I hope it's ok I've added you to my blog list x M

Frogmae said...

They really are sweet animals! I was so surprised you can "educate" them, play with them! Of course, they are all different and have different characters! ;o)

No problem, I'm glad to be part of your blog list! =)