Saturday, May 31, 2008

Flowers and Bugs

Souvenir of a very beautiful afternoon yesterday in the Jardin des Plantes (Paris), in Shoot a Life!

Go and have a look, flowers and bugs make so pretty pictures! smile

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life Updates

*My blog is two month old

*D. and I are almost one month old (only!...)

*Sisi is feeling better, she is back to normal, I would say that she is back to being a crazy little rabbit doing silly things - grrrrr mad - but an ear infection can come back anytime so, we will be watching her carefully

*I have been given advice about my CV that I changed quite much, let's hope it will be productive

*The idea of moving from here where I have been living for the past 25 years is still scary but I will have the whole month to get used to it

*I have been against moving in with a boyfriend for a long time but surprisingly, I am eager to be moving with D.! biggrin

*The good thing about moving is that you HAVE to tidy and sort out all your personal stuff! wink

*This week is the first one D. and I are apart for so long, we will see how it goes

*The good thing about not being home much is that I do not have sweet stuff and biscuits to eat between meals mrgreen

*We are 2 weeks and a half away from the surprise weekend when D. will take me somewhere

*Yesterday, I put heavier weights for the second time at the Body Pump course, I am proud of me (and my muscles lol) razz

*D. should have his moto back from the garage in less than 2 weeks, I cannot wait for it! I miss riding a moto (or at least being a passenger) so much!

*Last Sunday, we had a very nice afternoon at the Musée Rodin, it was the only sunny day within these successive rainy and stormy days (pictures posted on Shoot a Life!)

Friday, May 23, 2008

A week-long absence

Sorry guys for this week-long absence but we are going through Internet problems so the only way to be able to go on the Web is to connect my computer on some random non protected wi-fi connection, when I find one.

Thus, I have not been able to update the blog and read your last posts. Last weekend and the one to come, I am at D.'s place but - no offense - I was kind of busy. wink

Last weekend was very good. I am being less and less at home.

This home where, lately, I only felt good and I would hardly leave for a movie, a drink, grocery shopping or sport.

I thought that seeing my new boyfriend on the weekend would be very enough.

But for the past three weeks, we have been seeing each other almost every two days and all weekends! How crazy! We spent from Thursday to Monday together and I did not even got bored!

Thursday afternoon, I worked on my job hunting at his home while we was reviewing for his soon-to-come exam, same on Friday morning while he was working. On Friday afternoon, we went to the movies and did some shopping (Birthdays, Fathers and Mothers Day). We had our first sleep in together and again, he prepared a nice brunch and went to Paris in the afternoon.
On Sunday, we went to my home and went to... Ikea! lol What else can you do on a rainy Sunday? wink D. wants me to get involved into this apartment's decoration, that is nice.

Monday went by very fast, he chilled at home and I drove him back home in the afternoon. And after all that, we still did not have enough of the each other!biggrin

Today, I came to his place to work. We first had lunch together as he was on a break.

Tonight, he proposed to take me out to dinner somewhere, sound nice! biggrin

This weekend, in Paris, it is supposed to be stormy and rainy (again!) whereas the week was quite sunny, not fair!

Big piece of news!
My parents may have found buyers for our apartment. Some people came to visit it last Tuesday and made an offer right after to the real estate agent. They are wealthy people and would pay cash! Thus, they asked for a rebate... and my parents are okay, so they will go and sign the sale promise tomorrow.

Another big piece of news, although nothing is 100% sure.
As soon as I notified D. about the sale, we talked about the fact that I would have to go back to the apartment hunting as our apartment will be available next August 1st. Few days later and after serious talks, it is pretty sure that I will move with D. next July. He is the one who made the proposition. I am barely home now, we spent all our weekends together, he has enough space for two people in his apartment, no rent, I like the neighborhood, it is not far from where I live, we get along very good, we like to cook, he is okay for Sisi (he has a rabbit at this parents'), we think we will be able to bear each other and anyway, we will still keep our habits (sport, seeing our friends, family, invite them over), he does not have Monday-Friday work schedule so we will not see each other every day and night, etc.

That is a very big thing because he have not been together for long but we feel good about it and, strangely, I do not feel scared by the idea of living with a guy! lol We will have more talks about it but, let us say that, in two months, I will be in a new town (first time since I was born) and a new home (2nd time), with a boyfriend (first time!).

To follow...

Friday, May 16, 2008

New address

Lately, I have been quite nostalgic about the 25 years I have been living in my town. I have moved once, 11 years ago but we stayed in the same street.

My parents are selling the apartment, it is part of their divorce contract.

At first, it was clear to my mind that I would be moving this summer, in August at the latest, that is what my mom told the agency, it is more convenient for her pension, etc. But, last time we had a visit, one of the real estate agent told her that, right now, it is not the best time to sell an apartment, I mean, this year, France has not been at its best. People do not have money to invest anymore. So, we could only sell the apartment in September or October.

When I heard that, that was a relief because I have been so used to living here, in this town, in the neighborhood, in this apartment that I have trouble picturing me elsewhere, so far. Not that I do not want to move, I want to move on, have my own apartment, etc. But as I do not have a job for the moment, it is difficult to imagine myself paying a rent, buying furniture, etc.

That thought and that fear have evolved lately. The more I come to D.'s apartment, the more I feel good over here. How weird...

He leaves on the complete opposite of Paris, but when I think about it, I feel that it would not bother me so much. My town is only 20min away by car when the traffic is fluid! So I could still keep some habits back there, like go to mt doctors, go to the Commercial Center, visit my mom and her partner, and my friends - who do not live in my town anymore but still on the East side of Paris's suburb. And here, we are very close to Paris with the urban train too.

I do not know if it is the fact to be living in a new place, in a barracks or with a boyfriend that makes it not be so frightening, but I see my future different now.

Not that it will happen for sure. But, D. would not be against that idea, I can see that!

It is also weird because I have not been eager to live with a boyfriend lately, I like my independence and living on my own with my little rabbit. But D. is not home every night and every weekend, so I would still have moments on my own and, as I said, I feel good being here. Anyway, we will see what life brings...

This was my first post live from D.'s place! wink

Have a nice weekend all.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A casual lovely sunny Sunday with love!

Life can be so simple sometimes.

Sunday was very nice! After having got up early on Saturday to get home from D., I got up around 7:30am on Sunday to go and meet D. at his place as he was finishing work at 7am.

One very funny and weird thing happened. When I got there, around 9am - after letting an ID at the entrance of the barracks, giving my license plate number and being attributed a visitor car park - I got a special feeling. I had told him that I would only be there for 10 or 11am and wanted to surprise him by arriving earlier. I did not think about looking if his car was there but I thought "what if he had gone for jogging or left for some other purpose...". I called him as soon as I was in his building and casually asked him if he was home when he answered that he was not... because he was at the foot of my building!

We had had the same idea and left at the same time from home to get to the other's place! That was so funny. My poor boy had to come back right away and bear another 20min road by himself, until we finally got together!

We had a casual but very nice Sunday! We watched a DVD in the morning, chilled out and ate lunch late and left for a walk in the neighborhoods in the afternoon. There are so nice places around there, parks and pedestrian ways along the Seine. The weather was so nice, sunny, hot and windy, it seemed we were on the seaside. We sat on a bench for a while and then walked back home to have dinner at 8pm. We watched the Sunday evening movie and I, unfortunately, had to go home to take care of Sisi and because he had to get up early this morning to go to work at the Elysée (the President's place), another long day 7am-7am.

I had not had such a nice week for... I don't even remember when was the last time!

Looking forward to this weekend as he is off from Friday to Monday! The week is going to be very long.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A lovely unexpectedly Friday at the seaside

It seems I can't find another subject to talk about right now. Mainly because quite a lot has been happening this week but also because there is nothing else that deserved to be talked about lately.

Yesterday, I was supposed to spend the afternoon in Paris with D.
I took the train to his place to have lunch together. Meeting your new boyfriend's apartment for the first time is very important because it gives you lots of information about his personality, his tastes, his habits, etc. I think I have never seen such a nice male apartment! The most important is that, when he arrived, last year, everything had to be done (walls, floor, plumbing...), he lives, like most of his colleagues, in his work's barracks, it is free from rent so why say no. I really like what he has done with the kitchen, very functional, the living room's decoration is simple so far but unisex and imaginative, the bedroom is also simple but very cosy.

After lunch, he asked me:

- "When was the last time you went to the seaside?"

-"hum, last July"

-"well, okay, would you like to go now?"

Few minutes later, we were in the car, heading to Honfleur, near Deauville, on the North-West side of France, 1h30 away from Paris. We ate in a Crêperie next to the port, had a walk near the seaside and took advantage of the hot and sunny afternoon. Unfortunately, at the end of the afternoon, there was a storm so we did not stay longer and went back home.

I had planned to go home in the evening because he is working today from 7am to 7am tomorrow.

He made us dinner - and he knows quite some about cooking too! - and in the evening, he proposed me to stay for the night but I could not unless I had some personal stuff with me and so he proposed to drive home and get back at his place as - at this time of the night - our homes are only 25min away by car. I could also take care of Sisi by the same occasion.

This morning, I left around 9am to go home, I had the vet appointment at 10:30am.

I went and said a little Goodbye to D. and give him his keys. Did you know that you are not supposed to kiss too much (one is already not very welcome) when you are wearing an official/state uniform? Very frustrating! By the way, some men are very good looking with suits and uniforms!wink

Tomorrow morning, I am driving over there, then we'll see.

Yesterday, he told me something about this registration on the dating site. We could have never met. He registered after a bet with some colleagues (thanks guys!) and was not planning to stay more than a month or two but he forgot to cancel his registration in March, then he left for vacation last month and forgot again, he had plan to cancel it when back to Paris, what a chance he wrote to me before that!

To answer the title of my last post: it may!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Could Prince Charming exist?

Life is so full of surprises!

Sometimes, I wonder why it is so mean with me, as I am still struggling to find a job, Sisi is not feeling worse but her state is stationary, not better...

And then, bam, within few days, someone comes into your life, a part of it totally changes and it unsettles your mind.

Today, my boy is working, he had to get ready around 3:30am to dress with his parade costume to take part to a May 8th - end of WW2 - commemoration in the North of France all day long! Not very exciting to stand still for hours.

So yesterday, we were not supposed to see each other as I had told him I had to work on my job applying and on Wednesdays my mom take the car to stay at her partner's place so I was stuck at home. I am used to do surprises but not receive them, and by the end of the afternoon, I received a call from him telling me that - if I was not too busy - he was at the foot of my building and could come to just have a kiss! He had told me had was going for a walk in Paris, what a liar! wink

Even if I lost 1h30 or two not applying, I was very glad he had drove to my place! We had a very nice evening and first casual meal together. The evening led to night and he only left around 2am, so he basically did not sleep much at his place, only in the bus that was taking his company to the commemoration. What a brave boy! Earlier, he had told me "that's what happens when you decide to date a young boy* who does not listen". biggrin

While talking, we discovered we had other common points and interests (what were the chances we had the same bed! lol). We talked quite much about our respective past love life and he really seems to be a nice person. I know that, in the beginning, we behave like new lovers, send each other bunch of text messages, etc. but what he writes and says is just... so nice and honest!

We are very surprised that we get along so well and feel so good with each other, after only three days (plus a week of virtual getting-to-know-each-other), it seems we have known each other for so much longer! That is the first time that happens to me! And, even if it feels good, it, somehow, feels scary... redface

There will be more to discover this weekend.

P.S. funny that Prince Charming's outfit looks like his parade costume rolleyes

* remember, he is two years younger than me

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I feel good.

After all, that was not such a bad idea to go back to these dating Web sites and answer his email.

After a very nice Sunday afternoon with D., we planned to see each other again on Monday afternoon as he was off work. I was looking forward to meet again to have confirmation of the positive vibes I was getting.

I arrived 5 min before the appointment time and as I saw him exiting the metro, I felt good! Well, he is a nice person, is good looking, tall and dresses the way I like (for a guy). cool

We went and saw "Fool's Gold", some romance, comedy and action was a good combination for that day.

For the first time in my life - yes - I did the first move, wow! And was not disappointed about it.

After the movie, we had a drink on a terrace and went to the park next the movie theatre to take advantage of the nice weather. We sat on a bench and spent the rest of the afternoon there, talking and more...

I had planned to leave around 7pm to be home for dinner as my mom was home yesterday evening. We finally left around 8:15pm! mrgreen

The end of the day was a real shitty mess - a technical problem occurred on our train line (we are on the same line but on opposite sides of Paris, East-West) - and had stopped the traffic, so we had to take alternative metro lines and then, I had to take a special bus that had been set to reach the stations that had not been affected by the breakdown. It took us about 2h to go home instead of 45min! But, strangely, I was kind of relaxed and cool about that mess, whereas in normal conditions, I would have been very angry, because this kind of problems regularly occur in Paris! Really don't see why... wink

Anyway, today I feel good, have not felt so good in a long time. smile

After all, small age difference is not such an issue, it really depends on how the person looks and thinks. And he definitely does not behave as a young - in a negative way - man. So far, I have not find any negative points, he seems to be sweet, attentive, mature; ride a moto, is physically attractive and dresses well (and do not tell me it does not count) and has many and various interests. He also has a rabbit at his parent's place, so he knows about and like animals.

The only flaw would be from his work, we does not have a regular Monday-Friday schedule as his work has something to do with the French Republic and the Army. So, he does not always know when he will be off work. As he is back from a week leave, he has to get information about his work schedule, what is not very practical to plan something. confused Whatever, we will deal with it.

It is just the beginning but I have a good feeling... Time will tell. smile

Monday, May 05, 2008

23... let's see!...

This weekend was very warm and sunny in France and Paris. I was worried to leave Sisi alone but she seemed okay in her favorite place and I think she didn't move from there the whole afternoon.

On Saturday afternoon, I went for a walk in Paris with a friend (the only guy I met from Meetic, that has always and only been a friend wink), had a drink and rested under the sun.

Yesterday afternoon was... interesting! I met a young man I met on Match. Yes, what is it with this site, it seems all the French potential is gathered there only!biggrin

I received a nice email few days ago, simple, no poetry wink, did not want me to answer him right away as some can ask, I read his profile and there was just a snag, he is 23 and my age range is 26-30, because yes, you know, men are mature later than women in general, blah blah blah. mrgreen

But I liked his profile, he looked nice and... he's a moto rider! So I thought, why not, let's give it a try.

He was in vacation in the South of France last week, so we talked a lot on MSN the whole week and decided to meet yesterday. We had planned to spend the whole afternoon together and as I was waiting for him, I was scared he would not be nice or good looking or boring, who knows. I got there early and D was late (and then we say girls are always late! lol). He sent me at least 3 text messages to tell me he was going to be late, was sorry and would try to make it up.

When he finally arrived, I was surprised because he se
emed taller and older than on his profile pics! (he is 6 feet and I am 5.4). He told me he's going to turn 24 on early June, so we will just have one year difference during 3 months. We had a drink and talked about many things, work, moto (that's nice to have someone to talk about this!), family, etc.

I was surprised to see how easy it was to talk to each other, we had barely known each other for a week and only through Internet.

An hour later, we headed for one of the numerous museums of Paris, I had not been to this one for a very long time and I totally di
scovered it again. It was nice to do that with someone I didn't know but seemed to know quite some things about art. This guy seems to know about and be interested by many various subjects. We stayed till the closure and went and had another drink somewhere.

It was already 7pm and we took the metro back to Paris center where we wo
uld take our respective train back home. I didn't really know what to do and I was, for sure, not going to make the first move!rolleyes wink We exchanged some words about planing something again soon and said each goodbye.

I was in the train and started to write a text message when I received one from him saying "I also had a nice afternoon...". Later, when I was walking home from the station, I received another one, smiled because I felt it came from him, it was saying "I must have been unsettled by you because I took the wrong train". That was kind of funny and it also gave me some more information about his feelings...

In the evening, we talked again on Internet b
efore going to bed and taking care of little Sisi, from my side. Thursday is a bank holiday in France again, May 8th commemorates the end of WW2. But, he has to work so I thought we would only see each other again next weekend but, he had just been aware he had his Monday off, cool!

So, this afternoon we are going to the movies. He suggested the movies and I asked if he was used to go and watch original version movies and he said he was not used to it but was not against it, another good point!

I am looking forward to this afternoon to see how it will go and if I'm still having positive feelings about "young boy"! wink

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sisi is not feeling well!!

Today is Labor Day in France. It's supposed to be a nice day off, we traditionally offer each other Lily of the Valley on May 1st. It's supposed to bring happiness.

That would not be too much because I am all worried today. Since yesterday evening, my rabbit is not feeling well. She has not eaten a single piece of her meal last night, she is grumpy and aggressive, will not let me touch her and the most bizarre thing that happened, she lost her balance and fell several times! She never did that! I looked on the Internet for some explanations and read about neurological problems, etc. It made me be even more worried!

As she is still behaving weirdly I called the vet clinic that, I know, stays open even on bank holidays and it seems Sisi could have caught an ear infection. That would explain why she can lose her balance, if she has fever that could explain why she won't eat, why she is grumpy, wants to hide and is all weird.

I have an appointment for tomorrow morning but the lady told me to bring her in tonight if she still does not want to drink or eat. I tried to give her something and she ate a little piece of carrot and drank some water I put in a bowl, but the poor little girl lost her balance again while she tried to approach it.

I am going to the vet clinic tonight, I want her to fell better as soon as possible, she seems so sick and not in her normal shape. I would also feel less worried, otherwise, I know I won't sleep...

Hope it's nothing serious! neutral

Update (Friday 11:30am): The vet was very nice and auscultated her in each details to try to find something. She confirmed the ear infection but as rabbits's ears are very deep, they can only base their diagnostic on the symptoms and the lost of balance could come from that, especially because she always fall on the same side, the poor little girl. So, she gave her a shot of antibiotics and I will have to give her morning and evening doses with a pipette, this morning my mom will help me but tonight, I will have to do it on my own.

She could also suffer from false pregnancy, the vet had to puncture her some liquid from a teat.

She also took her temperature, palpated her and everything.

I tried to make her drink some water and eat something but that's very difficult, I think she must still feel the pain and is not hungry, but the vet told us that the most serious point with these little animals was dehydration so I will also have to help drink water and eat mashed food with another pipette, this is why we bought her baby food (what was not easy to find as everything was closed yesterday because of Labor Day).

I have another appointment tomorrow morning to check her up. I really hope she will eat something so that she gets better and that we will succeed to give her the medicines.

Update (Sat. 7pm): This morning, I went to the vet for her check up. The poor little girl has now her head that is a little leaning to the right but nothing serious so far, but she keeps falling from time to time, it's so sad. I have to continue with the antibiotics for two weeks but I will be on my own this weekend, so before going to bed, tonight - to let her quiet now - I will try to give her by myself. He told us that she is not dehydrated so if she does not eat, we have to continue with giving her water and liquid food with the pipette. She seems a little better, she eats carrots and celery tops, that a good thing but does not want her regular food. The positive point is that she still have enough strength to fight when we try to feed her and give her the medicines.

I have a new appointment next Saturday morning to check her up.
This afternoon, I let her alone for the first time since she has been sick and it seems she did good, she did not move from her favorite place and rested.