Friday, May 23, 2008

A week-long absence

Sorry guys for this week-long absence but we are going through Internet problems so the only way to be able to go on the Web is to connect my computer on some random non protected wi-fi connection, when I find one.

Thus, I have not been able to update the blog and read your last posts. Last weekend and the one to come, I am at D.'s place but - no offense - I was kind of busy. wink

Last weekend was very good. I am being less and less at home.

This home where, lately, I only felt good and I would hardly leave for a movie, a drink, grocery shopping or sport.

I thought that seeing my new boyfriend on the weekend would be very enough.

But for the past three weeks, we have been seeing each other almost every two days and all weekends! How crazy! We spent from Thursday to Monday together and I did not even got bored!

Thursday afternoon, I worked on my job hunting at his home while we was reviewing for his soon-to-come exam, same on Friday morning while he was working. On Friday afternoon, we went to the movies and did some shopping (Birthdays, Fathers and Mothers Day). We had our first sleep in together and again, he prepared a nice brunch and went to Paris in the afternoon.
On Sunday, we went to my home and went to... Ikea! lol What else can you do on a rainy Sunday? wink D. wants me to get involved into this apartment's decoration, that is nice.

Monday went by very fast, he chilled at home and I drove him back home in the afternoon. And after all that, we still did not have enough of the each other!biggrin

Today, I came to his place to work. We first had lunch together as he was on a break.

Tonight, he proposed to take me out to dinner somewhere, sound nice! biggrin

This weekend, in Paris, it is supposed to be stormy and rainy (again!) whereas the week was quite sunny, not fair!

Big piece of news!
My parents may have found buyers for our apartment. Some people came to visit it last Tuesday and made an offer right after to the real estate agent. They are wealthy people and would pay cash! Thus, they asked for a rebate... and my parents are okay, so they will go and sign the sale promise tomorrow.

Another big piece of news, although nothing is 100% sure.
As soon as I notified D. about the sale, we talked about the fact that I would have to go back to the apartment hunting as our apartment will be available next August 1st. Few days later and after serious talks, it is pretty sure that I will move with D. next July. He is the one who made the proposition. I am barely home now, we spent all our weekends together, he has enough space for two people in his apartment, no rent, I like the neighborhood, it is not far from where I live, we get along very good, we like to cook, he is okay for Sisi (he has a rabbit at this parents'), we think we will be able to bear each other and anyway, we will still keep our habits (sport, seeing our friends, family, invite them over), he does not have Monday-Friday work schedule so we will not see each other every day and night, etc.

That is a very big thing because he have not been together for long but we feel good about it and, strangely, I do not feel scared by the idea of living with a guy! lol We will have more talks about it but, let us say that, in two months, I will be in a new town (first time since I was born) and a new home (2nd time), with a boyfriend (first time!).

To follow...


wontletlifedefineme said...

Wow, that's a lot of news! Hey, how did you manage to find a guy who wants you to get involved in the decoration of his apartment? :D

It sounds like you really found a great guy. I hope the moving and living together will all go smoothly. Just remember if anything's bothering either of you, you should talk about it. That really helps.

So, what kind of things have you two picked out for D's apartment at Ikea? :)


girl with the mask said...

Ohmygosh how awesome for you! Congrats!

Marianne said...

Mae!! This IS big news - I thought I saw something very exciting brewing up here! Congratulations and I hope everything up to the big move goes smoothly x M

Frogmae said...

Thank you girls. Yes, we still have time to think about it and make it work. And I also still have time to get used to the idea ;-)

@ Marjolein: D. just bought a wall lamp
And I bought ginger and cinnemon biscuits and smoked salmon from the grocery part.

We will have to list what I bring to his place and see how we will arrange the apartment and then see what we still need to make it perfect! ;-)