Friday, May 16, 2008

New address

Lately, I have been quite nostalgic about the 25 years I have been living in my town. I have moved once, 11 years ago but we stayed in the same street.

My parents are selling the apartment, it is part of their divorce contract.

At first, it was clear to my mind that I would be moving this summer, in August at the latest, that is what my mom told the agency, it is more convenient for her pension, etc. But, last time we had a visit, one of the real estate agent told her that, right now, it is not the best time to sell an apartment, I mean, this year, France has not been at its best. People do not have money to invest anymore. So, we could only sell the apartment in September or October.

When I heard that, that was a relief because I have been so used to living here, in this town, in the neighborhood, in this apartment that I have trouble picturing me elsewhere, so far. Not that I do not want to move, I want to move on, have my own apartment, etc. But as I do not have a job for the moment, it is difficult to imagine myself paying a rent, buying furniture, etc.

That thought and that fear have evolved lately. The more I come to D.'s apartment, the more I feel good over here. How weird...

He leaves on the complete opposite of Paris, but when I think about it, I feel that it would not bother me so much. My town is only 20min away by car when the traffic is fluid! So I could still keep some habits back there, like go to mt doctors, go to the Commercial Center, visit my mom and her partner, and my friends - who do not live in my town anymore but still on the East side of Paris's suburb. And here, we are very close to Paris with the urban train too.

I do not know if it is the fact to be living in a new place, in a barracks or with a boyfriend that makes it not be so frightening, but I see my future different now.

Not that it will happen for sure. But, D. would not be against that idea, I can see that!

It is also weird because I have not been eager to live with a boyfriend lately, I like my independence and living on my own with my little rabbit. But D. is not home every night and every weekend, so I would still have moments on my own and, as I said, I feel good being here. Anyway, we will see what life brings...

This was my first post live from D.'s place! wink

Have a nice weekend all.


wontletlifedefineme said...

Moving house is always difficult - leaving something behind that has so many memories attached to it. But often once you've settled in a new place it quickly becomes 'home'.

girl with the mask said...

I agree with the above- I so didn't want to move to the Peak District but now I can't image livign anywhere else!

Marianne said...

What! Oh my god things are moving pretty fast, so exciting to be reading about real love - moving in would be a big deal- no matter where you are if you're with the one you love you're home....oh dear I'm getting super cheesy in my old age! x M

Frogmae said...

Do not mistake, I am not moving in so far... just a thought! ;)


Ernest de Cugnac said...

Hi Frogmae, though I am ancient now, still a romantic at heart. Good luck with the relationship!

Marianne said...

Hello hello! Hope you're really well and all still ok with you and Sisi - keep in touch x M