Thursday, May 08, 2008

Could Prince Charming exist?

Life is so full of surprises!

Sometimes, I wonder why it is so mean with me, as I am still struggling to find a job, Sisi is not feeling worse but her state is stationary, not better...

And then, bam, within few days, someone comes into your life, a part of it totally changes and it unsettles your mind.

Today, my boy is working, he had to get ready around 3:30am to dress with his parade costume to take part to a May 8th - end of WW2 - commemoration in the North of France all day long! Not very exciting to stand still for hours.

So yesterday, we were not supposed to see each other as I had told him I had to work on my job applying and on Wednesdays my mom take the car to stay at her partner's place so I was stuck at home. I am used to do surprises but not receive them, and by the end of the afternoon, I received a call from him telling me that - if I was not too busy - he was at the foot of my building and could come to just have a kiss! He had told me had was going for a walk in Paris, what a liar! wink

Even if I lost 1h30 or two not applying, I was very glad he had drove to my place! We had a very nice evening and first casual meal together. The evening led to night and he only left around 2am, so he basically did not sleep much at his place, only in the bus that was taking his company to the commemoration. What a brave boy! Earlier, he had told me "that's what happens when you decide to date a young boy* who does not listen". biggrin

While talking, we discovered we had other common points and interests (what were the chances we had the same bed! lol). We talked quite much about our respective past love life and he really seems to be a nice person. I know that, in the beginning, we behave like new lovers, send each other bunch of text messages, etc. but what he writes and says is just... so nice and honest!

We are very surprised that we get along so well and feel so good with each other, after only three days (plus a week of virtual getting-to-know-each-other), it seems we have known each other for so much longer! That is the first time that happens to me! And, even if it feels good, it, somehow, feels scary... redface

There will be more to discover this weekend.

P.S. funny that Prince Charming's outfit looks like his parade costume rolleyes

* remember, he is two years younger than me


wontletlifedefineme said...

Oooh that's so sweet that he showed up on your doorstep like that!!! :) And hey, my brother is 10 years younger than his wife and it works out perfectly. So don't worry about the age difference too much. Just enjoy it! My boyfriend and I have been together for over 4 years and I sometimes miss the excitement and butterflies in your stomach feeling of those first few months.

Frogmae said...

Oh, that's nice to know, Marjolein! The age difference is not such a big deal after all but I like to make fun about it sometimes! And I think, so does he. ;)

Yes, the first few weeks and months are always the best but then you grow another kind of relationship, it is nice too, if you know how to break the routine!

Penelope said...

I am so happy for you !!! How nice ... These are the best times of your life at the beginning of a relationship enjoy it as much as you can !!! the only thing I can say xx

Frogmae said...

@ Penelope: thanks for your little note. I will!

@ Marjolein: the more I get to know him the less his "young" age is really not an issue anymore, I would even say that he seems to be more mature than any of the older guys I ever met!