Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I feel good.

After all, that was not such a bad idea to go back to these dating Web sites and answer his email.

After a very nice Sunday afternoon with D., we planned to see each other again on Monday afternoon as he was off work. I was looking forward to meet again to have confirmation of the positive vibes I was getting.

I arrived 5 min before the appointment time and as I saw him exiting the metro, I felt good! Well, he is a nice person, is good looking, tall and dresses the way I like (for a guy). cool

We went and saw "Fool's Gold", some romance, comedy and action was a good combination for that day.

For the first time in my life - yes - I did the first move, wow! And was not disappointed about it.

After the movie, we had a drink on a terrace and went to the park next the movie theatre to take advantage of the nice weather. We sat on a bench and spent the rest of the afternoon there, talking and more...

I had planned to leave around 7pm to be home for dinner as my mom was home yesterday evening. We finally left around 8:15pm! mrgreen

The end of the day was a real shitty mess - a technical problem occurred on our train line (we are on the same line but on opposite sides of Paris, East-West) - and had stopped the traffic, so we had to take alternative metro lines and then, I had to take a special bus that had been set to reach the stations that had not been affected by the breakdown. It took us about 2h to go home instead of 45min! But, strangely, I was kind of relaxed and cool about that mess, whereas in normal conditions, I would have been very angry, because this kind of problems regularly occur in Paris! Really don't see why... wink

Anyway, today I feel good, have not felt so good in a long time. smile

After all, small age difference is not such an issue, it really depends on how the person looks and thinks. And he definitely does not behave as a young - in a negative way - man. So far, I have not find any negative points, he seems to be sweet, attentive, mature; ride a moto, is physically attractive and dresses well (and do not tell me it does not count) and has many and various interests. He also has a rabbit at his parent's place, so he knows about and like animals.

The only flaw would be from his work, we does not have a regular Monday-Friday schedule as his work has something to do with the French Republic and the Army. So, he does not always know when he will be off work. As he is back from a week leave, he has to get information about his work schedule, what is not very practical to plan something. confused Whatever, we will deal with it.

It is just the beginning but I have a good feeling... Time will tell. smile


wontletlifedefineme said...

This sounds good!!! :) And don't let work schedules get in the way - me and my boyfriend have the same problem, you just have to plan things a bit more spontaneously.

And hey, if he's a bit younger it doesn't mind, right? Age differences becomes less important the older you get anyway.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

And how's Sisi doing? Is she any better?

Frogmae said...

Yes, we will see how it works with the weird work schedule.

No, that was kind of an issue at first but, finally, it is not! He seems more mature than 23 - almost 4 - years old. We share some common interests but also want to make the other one discover our personal interests, so that's nice!

I let a little comment after yours on the photos blog about Sisi :)

Frogmae said...

You were right Marjolein, we can always work things out. Just got a message from D., he tried to have his schedule and he now knows when he will be off, cool! :)

girl with the mask said...

I just found out that Petite Anglaise met her beau on a dating site... and she is marrying him! Your luck might be in!

Frogmae said...

yes, I also read this post, that was funny because I agree with most of what she wrote! ;)

Marianne said...

Ooh, Mae, this is very exciting! I'm all for these dating sites I think it's a really good thing nowadays, I have a few friends too who have met their boyfriends online. Keep us posted! x M