Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sisi is not feeling well!!

Today is Labor Day in France. It's supposed to be a nice day off, we traditionally offer each other Lily of the Valley on May 1st. It's supposed to bring happiness.

That would not be too much because I am all worried today. Since yesterday evening, my rabbit is not feeling well. She has not eaten a single piece of her meal last night, she is grumpy and aggressive, will not let me touch her and the most bizarre thing that happened, she lost her balance and fell several times! She never did that! I looked on the Internet for some explanations and read about neurological problems, etc. It made me be even more worried!

As she is still behaving weirdly I called the vet clinic that, I know, stays open even on bank holidays and it seems Sisi could have caught an ear infection. That would explain why she can lose her balance, if she has fever that could explain why she won't eat, why she is grumpy, wants to hide and is all weird.

I have an appointment for tomorrow morning but the lady told me to bring her in tonight if she still does not want to drink or eat. I tried to give her something and she ate a little piece of carrot and drank some water I put in a bowl, but the poor little girl lost her balance again while she tried to approach it.

I am going to the vet clinic tonight, I want her to fell better as soon as possible, she seems so sick and not in her normal shape. I would also feel less worried, otherwise, I know I won't sleep...

Hope it's nothing serious! neutral

Update (Friday 11:30am): The vet was very nice and auscultated her in each details to try to find something. She confirmed the ear infection but as rabbits's ears are very deep, they can only base their diagnostic on the symptoms and the lost of balance could come from that, especially because she always fall on the same side, the poor little girl. So, she gave her a shot of antibiotics and I will have to give her morning and evening doses with a pipette, this morning my mom will help me but tonight, I will have to do it on my own.

She could also suffer from false pregnancy, the vet had to puncture her some liquid from a teat.

She also took her temperature, palpated her and everything.

I tried to make her drink some water and eat something but that's very difficult, I think she must still feel the pain and is not hungry, but the vet told us that the most serious point with these little animals was dehydration so I will also have to help drink water and eat mashed food with another pipette, this is why we bought her baby food (what was not easy to find as everything was closed yesterday because of Labor Day).

I have another appointment tomorrow morning to check her up. I really hope she will eat something so that she gets better and that we will succeed to give her the medicines.

Update (Sat. 7pm): This morning, I went to the vet for her check up. The poor little girl has now her head that is a little leaning to the right but nothing serious so far, but she keeps falling from time to time, it's so sad. I have to continue with the antibiotics for two weeks but I will be on my own this weekend, so before going to bed, tonight - to let her quiet now - I will try to give her by myself. He told us that she is not dehydrated so if she does not eat, we have to continue with giving her water and liquid food with the pipette. She seems a little better, she eats carrots and celery tops, that a good thing but does not want her regular food. The positive point is that she still have enough strength to fight when we try to feed her and give her the medicines.

I have a new appointment next Saturday morning to check her up.
This afternoon, I let her alone for the first time since she has been sick and it seems she did good, she did not move from her favorite place and rested.


girl with the mask said...

Awww, I hope she is okay!

It is at times like this it would be great if our little pets could talk to tell us what is wrong...

Marjolein said...

I hope she gets well soon!

Frogmae said...

@ GWTM, yes, that's the most difficult not knowing what they suffer from and where is their pain... if only they could talk as you say! Sometimes, when they look at you, it's almost as if you could imagine what they would tell you! =)

Frogmae said...

@ marjolein, thank you, hope so too!

Marianne said...

Get well soon Sisi! Poor little thing, I hope she's feeling better and you're less worried. x M

Penelope said...

Everything will be fine Mae..I understand how good friend can be a cute animal like Sissy xx

Frogmae said...

Thanks all for your support.

For now, we have to "wait and see", hope she will react well to the antibiocs, it's so sad to se her with her little head leaning to the right and losing her balance from time to time. She now drinks by herself, not much but that's a start and likes to eat carrots and celery tops, but she will need to eat solid food soon. I, at least, have to give her her medecines twice a day and I don't like to bother her, especially now, when she's quiet somewhere. It would be a good sign to stop forcing her to drink water and eat baby food.

She's so nice, I did it on my own 3 times this weekend and it gets easier, also because she behaves well even if she still tries to fight at first, she still have some strengh, believe me!