Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shoot a Life!

I take advantage of my blog's first monthaversary to start a new one.

Don't worry, there will be very little to read, it will be mostly for the "pleasure of the eyes" biggrin

As a lot of people, I life to take pictures.
I like to go to Paris, hang around and shoot. Or every time I go out, you never know...

For me, vacation without bringing back home pictures and visual memories would not be right.

Few years ago, when numerical cameras did not exist, we would have the pleasure and the surprise to discover our photos, masterpieces or completely spoilted. Would they be well centered, would the light be adequate, would they be blurred or turn into a soft focus.

Now that we have access to numerical cameras, image retouching software, extern hard drive to stock thousands of pictures, we can shoot as much as me want and chose the photos we want to keep and create online or virtual albums, we can share with our relatives and friends, all over the world. Do you remember when, before, you would make about 30 photos when the photo film was correctly put and now, it is more about 100 or sometimes even more!

I miss the surprise to discover our photos, the time we had to wait for them to be printed on paper.

But modern technologies have brought the power to make perfect pictures and make it easier for non professionals to obtain nice pictures.

As it is still a blog and I want to keep the mystery of not knowing the person behind it, so far there will not be any faces or, at best, blurred faces. cool

Hope you like it! rolleyes

P.S. you can have access from my Blogger profile or "Blogs I like to visit" link wink

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Onadrought said...

Bizarre, had a conversation about this at work today, about merits of old style camera v digital, and agree that it's a nice surprise getting you photos back form the shop. I think I'm going to go back to using the old one, as I never get around to printing off any off my digital.

I'll check out your photos.