Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Month(@)versary!

A month ago, I started this blog.

I had been thinking about it for some time but did not know what I would write about, I wondered how bloggers had so much inspiration.
I was wondering too much because the inspiration and subjects come very easily to my mind, whether they deal with the past, the present and everyday life or the future.

The inspiration, sometimes, also comes from other blogs I found.
I have enjoyed to write for the past month but I also like to read from bloggers. And I have my favorites! wink

I have been asked if "What were you doing last year?" post had been therapeutic and I think writing a blog is being therapeutic.
The power to exchange opinions, fragments of our life whether we are expat or not, married or single, man or woman, and whatever our nationality.

I find the blogosphere, everyday, more interesting!

Long life to all my fellow bloggers! razz

P.S. I found "monthversary" and "monthaversary" on Internet... What do you say? In French, we say "Joyeux moisversaire".


Marianne said...

I completely agree, and this is very well put. It's really the community and the discover of other voices on their blogs that is so exciting. I would say monthaversary because it trips off the tongue more easily. Again, chapeau, your English is amazing! Happy monthaversary! x M

Frogmae said...


You know, to go and see what's new on my favorite blogs has become a new daily habit in the morning! ;o)

Onadrought said...

Your English is amazing.

I haven't heard of monthaversary, but that's the thing about English, new words get invented all the time.

Congratulations, I didn't realise it had only been one month.

I enjoy reading blogs from other countries, to see if the issues we face are universal. It also transports me to another part of the world.

Keep blogging!

Frogmae said...

Thanks too Onadrought, that's nice to hear that.

I agree with you, that's why I also like to read foreign blogs :)