Sunday, April 27, 2008

What were you doing last year?

I have always been a very nostalgic person. rolleyes Nothing will ever change me I think.

Earlier, as I was kind of bored, I was wondering about what I was doing last year on the same date.

I have kept my diaries since I had one, since 2001, even if back then, I didn't write much in them.

Let's do a little time travel.

April 27, 2007
: I went to the movies to see "Shooter" and had a drink afterwards with the first guy I had met from Match. And about to meet the
choice-maker second guy from the same Website. I was at my 4th moto license lesson.

: I was doing my last end-of-studies 5 months
- boring - internship.

: It was my fourth year of studies (first year at Business School) and, back from Easter break, this week was dedicated to various
vivas (for a group work, for the associations - I was in the Cinema association). The two weeks after were dedicated to the final year (12) exams! I was organizing my long-relationship ex-boyfriend's birthday with his friends (what he never did for me, that or anything else confused).

: Last and second year at University,
few works to hand out but nothing special according to what I wrote down.

: First year at University. Easter break, having driving license lessons and then at my sister's, in Nice (French Riviera) for a few days.

: Theoretical driving lessons. About to leave, for my first time, to Malta, with my mom. (I was back from the US in later December 2000 - I was supposed to come back only in Summer 2001, long story - and only started Univ. in October 2001. I was young and stupid and wanted to take advantage of that free time and didn't even work or anything else. I TRULY regret it now!
sad) Three weeks later, I got my first tattoo! biggrin


Marianne said...

Ah, this is such a nice idea, like a 5 year diary, such a good way to chart how things have changed... hope you found it therapeutic x M

Frogmae said...

Yeah, it was kind of fun to see that I didn't write much few years ago and now I write almost everything! lol

It was also fun to go back then, through the pages of the diaries.