Saturday, April 26, 2008

The 3S: Sunny Spring Saturday

I was sitting in the train and my MP3 was playing music in my ears when I suddenly started hearing a loud music, how could this be possible?

Believe it or not but some disrespectful man - as there are some - was listening to some loud music on his cell phone like he didn't care it bothered people around him.

Then, I was in the escalator going up to take the metro when I suddenly smelled the smell of a cigarette, how could this be possible as smoking in public places like train station has been forbidden for years.

Well, believe it or not but a woman had just lighted up a cigarette and was poisoning all of us as well as breaking the law.

Fortunately, I was meeting a friend near the Bois de Vincennes (the East woods of Paris) to take advantage of a forecasted sunny day and cheer up my mind. It's amazing how 2 or 3 hours chatting, laying on the grass, the sun on your face can do you good. The sky is blue, cloudless, you close your eyes and you imagine yourself, laying on a beach, somewhere far from home and worries for a few minutes.

It's funny to see that, as soon the sun is shining on the weekend, people leave their houses and invade parks, woods or any green spaces, restaurants and bars's terraces or anything else. The wood was crowded, next to it there was the Foire du Trône, the Spring Paris fair, also very crowded. Before to leave, we went there to eat a little something, very greasy and sweet for once and watch some attractions we would "never" ride.

Tomorrow is back to reality, I think I'll go and try the Body Combat course in the morning at the fitness club and work on my job research in the afternoon... less funny but "needy".

Sunday morning update: my face (nose and cheeks) is all pinkish - what a funny word - because of the sun!
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girl with the mask said...

Isn't great how the sunshine can totally alter how you feel about the world?

Shame about that smoker though- urgh.

Frogmae said...

yes, totally agree!