Saturday, April 12, 2008

What are you doing tonight?

On Friday or Saturday, I'm often asked:

"- What are you doing tonight?

- Nothing, chilling...

- What? You're not going out, partying, having some fun?

- heeuuu, nope"

Yeah, some people have trouble imagining a single girl staying at home, doing nothing special on a weekend evening BUT for the past year (at least),

I've been single (I mean no dating)

+ unemployed (thus broke)

= no money or spirit to partying, nothing interesting to talk about

= spending weekend evenings watching a movie, a series, Internet surfing, taking care of myself,

It's my routine and it's okay for me, even if this seems to be unimaginable for some people. smile

Anyway, I'm gonna have instead a leisure afternoon. I'm going to meet a friend in Paris and have a drink (or more!wink) at the Paradis du Fruit. Eating there is soooooo good! The work-out class this morning at the fitness club wasn't easy, I need a reward! mrgreen

P.S. damn, it's starting to rain just now... can someone tell me why, after a nice week working (or busy...), the weather on the weekend has to be so ugly rolleyes sad


Penelope said...

I know very well the feeling! I had some periods like yours in my life and I was ready to write a Phd about it!Looking back now I think it was wonderful, so make the most of it xxx

Frogmae said...

thanks :)

Marjolein said...

I have almost the same weekend routine. I don't party much because I don't have enough money, but friends come over or I go over to their place, or I'll watch a series on dvd, or just relax and listen to some music. Another friend of mine works fulltime and parties all weekend - it's just depends on what works for you!

Oh and the rain... this weekend friends are coming over and they're predicting rain. My kitchen/living room looks like a green house because I'm trying to grow my own herbs/flowers/peppers and they can't go outside because the weather's not good enough! :(

Is the weather in Paris any better?

Frogmae said...

Hi Marjolein!Thanks for stopping by!

I also have friends who work, party on week evenings, also weekends, are hardly home and like it that way! lol

I've never been a "club" person but I do enjoy going out with friends, it's just that when you're a student (as I read you are, on your Blogspot profile) or unemployed, you don't have money for much entertainement! ;o)

The weather is okay over here, we have sunny but fresh days, we'll see how it turns on the weekend.

I see you're living in the Netherlands, are you Dutch too? What are you studying?

Marjolein said...


I'm Dutch, you too?? :) I'm taking my MA in English studies. I'm writing my thesis about American literature.

I'm quite a bit of a club person, but most of my friends like alternative music and they're not so much into clubbing. And then there's the prices for club tickets! But I play a lot of music at home and dance along to that.

If you click on 'my website' in my profile you get to my weblog. There's a bit more about me there. I only recently started blogging but it's so much fun - especially the interaction. :)

I hope the weekend will be sunny for you!

Marjolein said...

I just checked my email and saw you already found my blog :)

Frogmae said...

@ Marjolein: I'm French but I wondered if your were maybe an expat student studying in The Netherlands or Dutch? ;)

I also like to put music at home and have a fun time! :D It's free, it's great!

It costs too much in Paris (at least 15€ + the locker + at least 5€ drinks) and if you don't live in Paris, not too far, either you a take a taxi home or you wait for the first metro around 5am to go home... not for me! lol