Thursday, April 10, 2008

The One with Unagi

I don't even remember how and why it came to my mind this afternoon, I thought back to a very good episode of FRIENDS, The One with Unagi and found an editing of some extracts of this episode (season 6 episode 17), it feels so good. You may agree or not, but for me, FRIENDS was and will be the best series ever!! mrgreen

And as a fan or an addict, I almost have the complete series (I'm lacking season 1 and 2). I even bought the last season before it went out on television in France, when I was in London in 2003, great souvenir!!

I remember I couldn't watch the last double episode, I waited for weeks because I couldn't bear the idea that the series was over for good after this 10th season. It's been the only series that would always cheer me up when I was (or am) feeling down. Do not take antidepressants, watch FRIENDS! biggrin

The One with Unagi is a really good episode, I have watched the funny moments so many times in a row, I'm never bored!


girl with the mask said...


Just to say cheers for the blogroll link! Nice blog you've got here.

Love, girlwiththemask x

Marianne said...

I love the one with unagi:
My favourite quote:
"It's not something you have, it's something you are!"
Brilliant. And you're right, Friends has always cheered me up- when I was ill for a long time I watched it everyday for some reason it's so comforting. I think it's the cheerful colours. x M

Frogmae said...

Yeah, you could almost quote everything!

"-What? You attacked your ex-wife?
-Oh no, no no, I TRIED but I COULDN'T... oh, maybe we could attack them together"

OMG, do you imagine someone actually saying this to you?? LOL

It's always nice to hear about another fan. I know it's possible but how can people not like FRIENDS! ;)

Penelope said...

So far Friends was the funniest sitcom still I remember this unagi.. sometimes i liked to watch the 'Will and Grace' but not as much as Friends..xx

Frogmae said...

Hey, thanks for your visit and comment, always nice to hear from a FRIENDS's fan :)