Friday, April 18, 2008

Traffic jam nonsense

I'm getting worried about my compatriots' sanity...

This morning, coming back from the fitness club, I was stopped at the red traffic light and seeing the line of cars, I remembered that there is a flowers fair this weekend downtown so one of the streets has been closed and turned into a pedestrian way.

The main road of downtown (where there are all the shops, banks, cafés, etc.) is composed of two lanes: one for the cars and one for the buses and bicycles.

But, because of the closed street and in order to fluidify the traffic, the bus lane has been opened to the cars. I saw the BIG sign at the traffic light where it's CLEARLY written "voie de bus autorisée" (bus lane opened). There is also a second square road sign where you can see TWO lanes.

As soon as I was beyond the traffic light I understood where there was such a mess: 95% of the people are not using the bus lane!! eek

Do you think, that these people:

1) are just stupid neutral
2) are blind (who knows...)
3) can't read a (very simple!) road sign (mmhh, thus should take the license exam again)
4) are afraid it's a trap from the police mrgreen
6) other

You should have seen the little crazy lady in her car gesticulating and shouting: "but take the bus lane, damn!!" rolleyes


Penelope said...

I believe the 4th! I have paid so much traffic tickets here in Bath that lately I have a permanet anxiety about parking ...etc. following always the queue to be safe!

Frogmae said...

I don't know... I'm also often worried when I park somewhere now in Paris since I got my mom's car taken to the pound two years ago...

but, there, there are 2 signs! lol