Sunday, January 25, 2009


It is Sunday evening and I just felt like a HOT/NOT:

- got a (part-time) job, nice colleagues and boss
- will have more money to live (survive?)
- back on the sport track and it feels good
- new fitness club is nice
- have time to cook again regularly and I like it!
- love and get used to my new hair cut
- finally wearing all my skirts and dresses more often than never at work and like it
- after a medical abortion at 6 months pregnancy 2 years ago, my pregnant friend is having a nice second pregnancy and I feel happy for her!biggrin
- it is CSI New York time! wink

- still not okay on the cardio thing, my heart is still going crazy during effort
- worried about not being enough prepared for the HNJ selections in few weeks and could not imagine failing the tests, I want this job, this is the job for me! redface
- has been single since last break-up with D, last summer and I feel so lonely...
- it is already Sunday evening!
- cannot follow her new rules: enough candies and sweet stuff, eating whenever my mind want to


Ksam said...

I hear you on the dating front - I've been single since breaking up with my ex last April (and subsequently moving to Paris).

Up until now it didn't bother me, but for whatever reason (maybe it's the weather??), I've just feeling lonely & depressed about it lately.

Ninie said...

Contente pour toi Tata =)
(et comme tu pourras le constater, j'ai suivi ton conseil...)
Bisous et longue vie à ton blog!!!!