Sunday, February 01, 2009

Old powder

Since I moved last summer and am now living on the other side of Paris's suburb (West side), I come to my mother and partner's house from time to time on the weekend. This morning, I felt like baking pancakes, I looked up for a recipe on the Internet - there are sooooo many different recipes, don't know why - and starting to see if there was everything I needed here, but when I looked for baking powder, I found plenty of old little bags near the flour.

My mom's partner has been living on his own for about fifteen years - don't remember exactly - as a widower. And many things have been left as they were before. Since my mother moved in last summer, she begun to put in order some places and for example the kitchen, where there are lots of things that need to be thrown away, kitchen utensils but also old food!

So when, I found the bags of baking powder, plenty of dust, I looked at the expiry date and Ô shocking! but also "ahahahahahahahaha" or "no wayyyyyyyyy": some of the bags were to be consumed before 1995... OK.... but on the other ones, there was no date, just an address about a game and it was written that one should answer before..... 1985!!!!

-"hum... yes, I've found backing powder, but you won't have pancakes today!..."


wontletlifedefineme said...

It's almost a lesson in the history of baking powder ;) I think my boyfriend usually makes pancake batter with some flour, eggs and milk. Very basic but really good!

Penelope said...

Nice to see you around ! Congratulations keep going and make nice things!
Penelope xx

Penelope said...

Nice to see you back!!!Congratulations and keep writing

Frogmae said...

@ Marjolein: thanks, I don't have my own recipe so I'm ready to try many ;)

@ Penelope: hey, it's nice to be back too, I realize how much I've missed it, writing AND reading blogs!
I first thought you had decided to go into the Greek version only, I was lost!... until I found the link to your new blog address ;)

Penelope said...

I put all the Greek reviews about the book in the 'johnny-and-me' blog sometime in the future I'll translate them.