Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Long time no write!

Long time no write! What a shame!
A lot (and so few at the same time) has happenned since July!

Work and love disapppointments (again and still), vacation in the South of France with my moto (that was a very nice thing!) and a new (crappy) job since mi-October.

I am currently working as a hostess in the head office of a bank in the business center of Paris La Défense. The conditions, the salary (and the bosses) are very pitiful but hey, one has got to pay the bills, the rent and survive. Apart from the (many) negative aspects, the good thing is that I work not very far from home, I have my weekends free as well as Monday afternoon from 1PM (French law about work contracts based on 35 hours per week), so I try to take advantage about this. But there will be a lot to talk about from work as weird/bad/silly/stupid things happen each day here because of the staff, the visitors or our bosses.

Today, Christmas trees have been placed in the welcome halls of the compagny buildings of the site. Green decoration, pretty but not gorgeous, green on green?...
This year has gone through so fast again! Xmas is only a month away!

A part of my job is to create badges for the visitors of the next day for the Executive Directors meetings and the Breakfast/Lunch/Cocktails salons invitees.

We, sometimes, also have to create badges for big meetings, colloquiums, , for 30, 50 or even 200 people. When we receive the list early that is fine but sometimes it is very short noticed and as i work alone the afternoon, it can really be a mess for me. I am supposed to received a liste of 30 invitess for tomorrow, I really hope I will not receive it late or that this meeting is not tomorrow!

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