Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is summer more attractive to dating?

Is there something about relationships starting in spring or summer??

I do not know where that came from but, few days ago, I noticed that most of my - significant - relationships have always started during those seasons.

Do not we need more confort during winter, to keep warm?? lol

Or maybe is it because in spring/summer, people look nice, tanned, are in good mood or in vacation, girls wear skirts, show their legs and their skin, guys are topless, the sun is shinning, you stay outside later and more often than in winter when itis freezing and one can barely ones faces with our hats, scarfs, warm jackets, snizzing and caughing because of a bad cold...

Is there a correlation between the fact that we look better in summer than in winter so that we date more and are more attractive to others? What do you think?

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Ninie said...

J'ai rencontré mon homme en janvier, on ne peut pas dire que ce soit une période printanière... Mais je te rejoins, c'est plus difficile de découvrir une personne en hiver quand elle est couverte des pieds à la tête!