Monday, March 31, 2008

Hide that body that I shall not see

Last December, I registered to a fitness club of my town. I haven't been an athletic person, I have a breathing problem so I can't do cardio activities and I became a little lazy. The sport we used to do at school and high school wasn't always fun either so it didn't convert me, so, I didn't like sport. I registered to a little fitness club in Paris when I was in University, I would actually buy some tickets and use them each time I went, so with the studies and the homework at the Univ and then the Business School, I didn't really go too often, also because I had to take the transportation to go there and it wasn't close to my home.

But a few months ago, I took the advantage of a special offer to go and have some information about this club. The offer was supposed to be "over" but I managed to benefit from it (900€ is way to expensive for me!) so it was the occasion to register, as I could also pay in 4 payments.

I'm really happy I did it cause I've become a soon-to-be-addicted to sport! =) I discovered Pilates, Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Balance, the cardio and body building facilities are really nice, as are the teachers.

Anyway, as in every fitness club, the changing room where there are the lockers is shared, this was not a surprise. What surprised me is that most of women there do not feel embarrassed to change in front of the others, most of all, hang around naked, put body lotion after the shower even without wearing a towel, etc. This morning, while I was changing (the minimum, as I take the shower at home), two women were talking, naked, with their towel on their arm, before to go to the shared shower booths. lol That was...

So I thought 'am I being too
chaste or modest?'. I have, like many women, some complexes about my body, I don't like to show some lower parts of my body on the beach and wearing a bathing suit has been a torture lately but it's ok as long as I don't do long walks! lol So, seeing all these women that seem to be without complexes kind of stunned me and made me question myself.

Soon after, I met a friend who is also going to a fitness club where she made the same comment and we talked about it. Most of these woman are not even looking like models, there are
real women, with flesh, stretch marks, etc.

I got to thinking: do men also hang around in their lockers room, nonchalant, all attributes outside?

So, I'm asking, what are the limits? Are there any limits? Why do some women have no problems walking around naked in front of others women and others do?!

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