Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Today, I finally decided to call the APEC (Agency for the Executives Employment) because I'm supposed to be an executive as I have a Bac+5 (5 years of studies after High School).

I wanted to know how we could book an appointment with a counselor BUT I understood that I'm definitely in a cul-de-sac exclaim after what the woman told me on the phone.

I'm not a "newly graduated" because I have had my diploma 1 year and a half ago and you're considered Jeune Diplomé the 1st year after your diploma but I'm not even considered an executive because I haven't work as one since I graduated:
Yes, of course, that's what I've been trying to do but I only managed to work as a "simple" employee so far and that's why I wanted some help from the APEC!).

And today, our lovely President says that the French government may harden its help to the job seekers: if they refuse two "reasonable" job offers, they could receive "sanctions"!... mmhh neutral Thanks, that was so easy to get an appropriate job, it will me more fun now...


Marianne said...

Oh no! This sounds like the classic "Catch 22" of young graduates - so hard because you don't want to undersell yourself and take the first job that comes up but you can't get a great job without any experience! Is the ANPE not any help? Also your English is so good is there a bilingual agency that could help?

Thank you for your supportive messages - I'm very glad to have someone Parisian to ask some advice! We live down in the south near Montparnasse. Whereabouts do you live? x M

Frogmae said...

Totally! Catch 22!

Well, thanks again for my English :)
Yes, I should try to find something else to help me because doing this on your own can be very difficult.

The ANPE? mmhh how to say this... lol No, it's really no help for people "with diplomas", it can be usefull for women who wants to get back to work after few years as housewives for example or people without any diploma... At each appointment, your counselor check the ads with you, something you already do at home on your own on their Website.

Have to think of something...

How is going for you?

Montparnasse is nice.
I live in the East suburb, on the A (red) line of the RER.

Marianne said...

Hi there. Brandon has cousins that live in Montreuil which might be near you? My job search hasn't really begun in earnest yet, if I'm honest I really want to spend some time getting good enough at French to be able to work in both languages. I'm very lucky that I can live quite cheaply and save money while I'm not working as I have a flat in London that I'm renting out. Keep in touch! M x

Marianne said...

PS "Catch 22" is an amazing book if you haven't read it yet. M

Frogmae said...

yes, Montreuil is very close to where I live.

What kind of position would you like to find here?

I didn't know about the book, I'll go and check it, thanks.

Marianne said...

In London I worked in museums and art galleries. But I don't even know where to look for jobs like that here! Might have to go and hang out with the ANPE guys! M

Frogmae said...

Do you know this Website?

(in Gestion du Patrimoine, you may find something)

Then, yes, at least the ANPE guys may indicate you where you could go or send CVs.

You can also ask some cabinets de recrutement .

I have to admit that I don't know people who work in this area, but working in a museum or an art gallery must be interesting! Especially, in Paris, there is so much to do!! I don't go in these places very often because sometimes the entrance ticket can be expensice but I do like art, exhibitions!! :)

Marianne said...

Thank you- I'll check out the website- brilliant! M