Thursday, April 03, 2008


Hello to all!

You can see on top of the posts, a little rabbit. I found this application quite fun and I wanted to integrate my rabbit on my blog. Her name is Sisi - there is no spelling mistake, I did wanted to put only one 's' to make it original. I named her that way cause she seemed to be a little princess when I adopted her and she has always been! =) Her fur coat is between black and dark brown but her nose (always moving) is all white!

She has her character (as her master!), but become very sweet and kind, especially with me and later when she gets to know people that treat her well. As all rabbits instinctly do, she loves to scratch and gnaw all that she can (paper, cardboard, even sometimes tissue) so you'd better not let a book, a file or a box near her! mrgreen

I always think, if I was still at school, I could have used the excuse for not making a homework "but my rabbit ate it!!" lol wink

She loves rabbit treats and gets some each time she's behaving well.
She's very clever and we were surprised one can educate a rabbit as well (even if they like to not obey sometimes, it's natural!)

She's 3 years old, I adopted her in August 2005, she was already 5-6 months old. I had had two mice the year before but didn't want to take others because they don't live enough long and it's too sad when they die so quickly. A girl I knew from a Internet pet forum, that was working in a pet shop, told me about a little she rabbit that they could not sell because she has a little "something" on one of her eye and she could not find clients who wanted to take her (they preferred babies). I met her to see the rabbit and fell in love with her. I bought a big cage (compared to the little one the mice had), a transport cage, some food, some hay and litter and brought her home.

At first, she was very scared because she had been the past months all alone in a cage in the shop reserve with much contact or love I think, who knows how she was treated, poor girl?... After some time, she began to be more sociable and she adopted me. We like to play together, during the day, she's free, her cage is open and she can go (almost) wherever she wants. She has a nap time, between 12pm and 5pm (more or less), it's actually like her night time.

Her favorite places would be when she can hide, especially to sleep or rest, my bedroom (dunno why) and she likes to listen to music. Each time she's somewhere in the apartment and I put some music, she will come and seat under our desk, so funny!

As I'm often alone at home, she's my little friend, my roommate, my living stuffed rabbit, someone I have to take care of and I hope she will accompany me for a long time. smile

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