Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The past week


- Went out with D. and friends of him on Wednesday evening to watch independent short movies, it was nice.

- Went out with D. and a couple of friends of mine (it was time!) on Friday night. I am my friend's witness for her wedding in September. We ate at Planet Sushi, in the center of Paris, the place is gorgous! It is the only one like this in Paris. And the food... I love Japanese food, but they propose some pieces of food you will not find anywhere else, it was a very nice dinner.

- On Saturday afternoon, as I know that D. likes flowers and plants and knows some about it, I knew where to take him. I had been there once with my dad and his partner and fortunately found the way back there. We went to the greenhouses of Porte d'Auteuil and he loved it! (photos on Shoot a Life!)


- D. is gone to see his parents - an hour away from Paris - for his (step) mother birthday and did not tell me he wanted to go until Monday night when I asked him if it was sure we was not working on Tuesday night because I wanted to take him out for his birthday (we did not have time to do it yet). I did not tell him why but I had told him I wanted to take him out on Tuesday evening but... he forgot. I was very glad on Monday night. Especially because he will only come back on Thursday afternoon, has a BBQ evening with some colleagues, I am going to my Dad's on Friday night. So we will only see each other on Saturday night for the Music Feast if he does not work (he may...) or on Sunday...

- We had to call our Internet provider AGAIN and we are really angry about it and will write a letter to ask for a payback because we do not think it is normal to have had our Internet connection go off each week for the past two months. Fortunately, we will be soon done with them!

- Being very tired since last week and have been to the fitness club just once as a consequence.

- Still being stressed about the moving, not knowing when we will do it, how... not having papercard boxes to put things in yet, thinking that if the dinner table and the chairs are sold on Ebay this week, we will not have anything to eat and put my laptop on... if the closets are gone, we will not anything to put our clothes...

- Still being stressed about that job hunting that leads nowhere.

- France off the European Soccer Competition. What can I say, was it this new team that was not good and/or our manager?
Anyway, I did not feel it that year compared to two years ago, when I knew they would be in finals.
Good luck to the Netherlands! You deserve it.


wontletlifedefineme said...

Guys and planning just don't go together... they always let you know what their plans are at the last minute.

I hope you can get some money back from the internet provider! Their service is rubbish.

And Porte d'Auteuil looks lovely. :)

Onadrought said...

The thing that is interesting about reading blogs from other countries is the similarites, especially for me living at the other end of the earth(Australia). Eg, internet dating, ebay, internet problems. I guess these are all things to do with technology, in this way the world is small. Then again, some of the things you do and places you see could only be Paris, and that makes it interesting too. Glad to see your love life is going well.

Marianne said...

Ooh, really want to go to Porte d'Auteil now! God the fete de la musique has been hectic, I'm up on the computer because there's no point going to bed with hundreds of people playing tecno outside my window! Good luck with the internet x M

Frogmae said...

Internet was finally back last Thursday after my mom spent more than an hour on the phone... until when?...
Were are working on the letter to get some money back.

Guys and planning really DO NOT match! It happened again yesterday evening when I got to learn by his friends/colleagues that we were going to have casual dinner at one of them's (instead of having finally some time just the two of us in the evening before I had to drive back home). Fortunately, it was nice.


@ Marianne: Yes, the Porte d'Auteuil greenhouses are very nice to see!!

Loud noisy music is what you get when you live in Paris. Hope you got to get some sleep after all.