Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fragile little black thing

Today is not a good day. Sisi, ma she rabbit, is being sick. Yesterday afternoon, back home, I let her come out of her cage and I noticed red drops on the floor and some red something in the spot where she does her intimate things. I succeeded to grab her and look at her and what I saw decided me to call a vet. Unfortunately, the vet I have been to for the past years is near my former home so I looked for the nearest vet here as I am on foot and called to have advice. This morning, I noticed again some little red drops when I let her out so I went to the vet I had call the day before because this is not normal.

The vet looked at her, touched her lower parts and according to what I have said and her health background, she told me it could be an ovarian problem or a urinal infection so she gave her a shot of antibiotics but she could not figure the exact problem out so she wanted to discuss it with her colleage that is at the office in the afternoon and see if she would prefer to see her or send me to the specialized clinic for little pets.

She called me at lunch to tell me that her colleague would rather prefer me to consult at the clinic in Paris. I called there and they cannot give me an appointment before Tuesday afternoon (in the morning I will be working and cannot skip work on my second day). That is insane, I cannot make my rabbit wait a week as we do not even know what is the exact problem. So now, I will call the vet in about an hour when the other vet is there to tell her where the situations is at right now (the vet office is clsoed till 4pm). Female pets are really not easy to handle, they are much favorable to little health problems and I do hope this one will be identified and fixed as soon as possible because even if Sisi does not show any pain, this could be serious after all.

Edit: so I went back to the vet office yesterday afternoon, the other vet checked Sisi up and did an ultrasound and it seemed she could have an ovarian cyst and need a surgery, poor little thing. I have some antibiotics to give her with a pipette and now we will have to wait until Tuesday to know more about her condition.

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wontletlifedefineme said...

I hope she recovers soon!