Saturday, March 29, 2008

I did it!

Here it is and here I am. Finally blogging. Finally did it. The most difficult part was to find blog address and title for my blog, you have no idea how people can be imaginative, I wanted to be creative but I had a hard time cause all my ideas were already kind of already taken...

Anyway, hope I chose right and that my final ideas weren't too boring after all.

Dunno if a lot of poeple will ever manage to arrive on this blog one day, but I'd like it to be. I finally decided to create a Weblog of my own to be able to share some beliefs, some fears and wondering of my life (maybe your life too?) with people from everywhere. Right now, I don't really where I'm heading to, in many domains, I lost track of my life and so, maybe I'll be able to find it back with some advice or support I can't find so far.

Eventhough, I'm French, I chose to write in English, to be able to share this blog with the most people possible, because I've liked the English language since I learnt it at school, I only (at least try to) watch original version movies (even apart from English), I love to talk in English, sometimes it even comes easier than my mother langue. Maybe, this will also enables me to improve my English - so please, excuse the possible future mistakes! =)

P.S. First difficulty I encounter tonight, the spelling checking stuff is underline in red almost every word lol yes, can't I have the freedom of writing in the language I want... I will try to find out how to solve this problem later).

Next step, a little of introducing to try to put a (virtual) face to this blog!

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