Friday, April 04, 2008


WTF*!! Last week I had an interview for a assistant buyer job. I did not have any interview for a while so I was glad I had been called. I'm mostly looking for an international job in publishing, events organization or marketing in general, but the mission seemed interesting, in a very interesting international firm dealing with mobile phones and accessories (so something "in"!).

I had an appointment with the part-time agency Vediorbis that was dealing with this firm near Opera and then I had a 2nd interview with a woman from the firm and it went well, I thought I had my chances, really... The woman from the part-time agency even told me that they had appreciated my profile. Anyway, I really hope it would work because it was a permanent employment contract and the job, the team seemed nice, in a neighborhood of Paris I love...

They were interviewing three people this week and taking their decision today. I was already picturing me working there and, thus, didn't do much "job applying" this week I admit. I just had news from the agency this afternoon and the firm chose another candidate with who there was more "feeling". I'm very disappointed but okay, back on the track! sad
I didn't talk about this to anyone except my niece (she's 21 years old) by superstition but I guess it just didn't have to work.


Sometimes, I wonder why destiny has chosen this path for me, it really sucks. I wish this situation to nobody, it makes you feel like sh** and lose hope at last. But no, you can't, you have to keep going, keep faith, be strong, win this battle to finally have a place in the jungle working market!

I called myself "a lost frog" in the title of my blog cause I don't understand what's going on and going wrong with me...

It's hard to be an unemployed old-newly graduated young person nowadays! redface

*the English speakers will succeed to decode that swear word

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Marianne said...

Hi there, I hear you loud and clear - it is so disheartening looking for work, there's nothing worse for your self-esteem. I feel your pain! Good luck with your search and know you're not the only one! x Marianne