Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Chilling Sunday

Have you ever had real chilling days? You go to bed at night full of good intentions and when you wake up on Sunday morning, you just can't get up so you decided to stay a little bit longer in bed and have an hour more resting that finally turns out to be two hours...

When I got up this morning, I felt even more tired and dizzy that if I had gotten up earlier as I usually do.

It was already 11:30am and I had to eat, cannot eat lunch just after so I made myself some ameliorated breakfast, but it didn't made me feel better. I allowed me some more relaxing time, as I thought I was gonna be okay later on but I felt tired and dizzy confused all day long, that was not cool, I didn't manage to do anything I had planned like going to the fitness club in the morning and job applying in the afternoon, that's why I didn't plan to go out, as it was also forecasted to rain.

What can you do on such a lazy day? Watch TV.... watch MTV! I wasn't a fan of this channel 2 years ago but a friend of mine kept talking about it and its crazy show so I started watching it and yes, I also like to watch crap! But sometimes, I do emphasize on sometimes (!), it feels good when you wanna relax, forget your problems or when you're not feeling good to do anything else. I had never stayed on MTV a whole afternoon during the weekend so I didn't know, there were so many shows, you can see

- "Date my Mom" - a guy has a date with 3 girls' moms and then decides which girls he's gonna go out with without meeting them before;

- then there was "Made" about a common very shy High School girl who wanted to become a beauty pageant, then a girl who wanted to take part in a skate competition

- "My Life", today it was about some teenagers who would spend a months in a summer camp to lose weight, after that there was a special "My Life" about teenagers that spent a weekend in detention for small charges;

- "My Sweet Sixteen" today as about another irritating spoiled 16 years old rich girl who organized a huge party for her birthday and got, as usual, a big car. I never get to understand why it is such a tradition to buy 16 years old kids a car, in the US? When I was in the US in 2000, that was something that really shocked me. In France, first you can drive by yourself when you turn 18 but very few people have a car to themselves, we mostly drive our parent's! And that's already a big thing! But I guess, that's just the way it is, even for non-rich families.

- the famous "Dismissed" followed, for the novices, a girl/boy has a date with two opposite sex persons (sometimes homosexual dates) and after that decides who he/she is going to go out with and dismiss the other one. And I have to say that some young people really don't have lots of inhibitions...

- "The Pick Up Artist" led by some guy named Mystery, will teach a group of loosers some tips in flirting, how to behave with women, etc. Each week, one of the guys is eliminated after having "failed" the thematic test.

- Finally, another alien show is "The X Effect", 2 exes spend a weekend together in a resort hotel while each other's partner together will secretly be in near bungalow watching and hearing almost everything. At the end of the weekend, each ex will decided if he/she wants to stay his/her partner... there can be surprises!...

At the end, it was a real wasted day but as not feeling allright, I don't see what I could have done more so, thanks MTV. wink

Now, I'm gonna go to bed soon because I'm still tired...

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