Monday, April 07, 2008

From thongs to moonboots

Do you remember last year, April 2007, in Europe? We had an early summer cool, that lasted for about 6 weeks (then the calendar summer was more ugly sad).

I remember going to visit a pregnant friend with other friends, we were all with flip flops, begging for cold drinks, driving windows wide open, etc.

Well, this morning, we had... snow!! eek It only stayed the whole morning but, what a contrast!

Who knows what the weather will be for the rest of Spring 2008...

Update: I discovered that "thongs" refer to the underwear AND the flip flops. However, in France we say "tongs" for the flip flops. Thanks Marianne for bringing that up! I learned something tonight! mrgreen


Marianne said...

Hi there, thanks for your visit chez moi! Sadly I don't do much for a living at the moment - I worked in art galleries in London but am learning French and looking for work in Paris.

I totally agree about the weather, what on earth is going on?! I definitely spoke too soon about the Spring!


Marianne said...

PS. I forgot to say your English is amazing! Where did you learn? I am struggling so much with French. The le and la always gets me down!
One thing I realised when reading this post above: I think it's THONGS with an h? (If you mean those sandal things we call flip-flops in England) x Marianne

Marianne said...

Thanks for getting back to me! Yes, we English always find it quite funny when people say thongs for flip-flops, because for us it's a "string", but we hear it a lot so we should probably get over it! We also find it funny when Americans and Australians say "pants" for "trousers" (pants for us is only underpants), so we are probably just a bit immature!

Congrats again on your English!

Marianne x

Frogmae said...

ah ah ah! very funny! I do say "pants" but never "trousers", I often forget about all these differences!

There would be so much to discuss about British and American/Australian English language but also foreigners' mistakes (as I did for "tongs" lol)!! =)

Have a good night.