Thursday, June 12, 2008

First move !

Yesterday, as I was going to D.'s place by car, I acted on the first step of my moving.

I brought all my DVDs and a little coffee table.

That was so weird, I first thought "how boring it is to move those things there and take them back home... oh no, wait... that's a one-way ticket, there are going to their new home..."

I really have to get used to it.

But it feels nice to have some of my stuff over there now... and it will continue wink


Marianne said...

Woooo! So exciting! Can't believe it's all happening already, hope it's going well and not too stressful. Good luck with the rest of the things x M

wontletlifedefineme said...

You're really moving in with your boyfriend now! :) It always takes a while before a place feels like home, but taking it in little steps usually helps.

Frogmae said...

yes girls and you know what? it is getting more and more real, this morning I had to go home and I took advantage of that to bring back my CDs and a little "tower storage" at D.'s place.

Wow... it really feels weird... but once I am at D.'s I feel home, so isn't it a good thing? =)

Thanks for the encouragement!

wontletlifedefineme said...

It's a very good thing.

Annie said...

J'imagine que ça doit quand même te faire tout bizarre de partir de chez toi, même si c'est pour la bonne cause!! Moi ça me fait bizarre de me dire que la prochaine fois que je viendrai te voir ça sera plus "là-bas"!!!
En tout cas, je suis toujours très contente pour toi et j'espère que le bonheur que tu vis durera le plus longtemps possible!!
Gros bisous ma tata adorée!