Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love my Internet provider

This is pathetic...

Today, our Internet connexion went off again! It has been happening too often lately, it is really being annoying (yes I am very polite right now...), I have called the customer service once a week and I have other things to do and most of all, I NEED Internet for my job hunting!

So, this afternoon, I called the customer service AGAIN and the not-in-France-not-French-woman told me that she was going to take my cellphone number... because, they were facing network problems (!!)

What?! That is nonsense!

Someone was supposed to call me back on my cellphone in a couple of hours after my call. It was 5pm... and I am still waiting...

I am desperate...

Cannot wait to move and get ride of this provider!

P.S. Being connected from my mom's partner's while they are away in the French province to go on the Net because I had many things to do tonight.

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wontletlifedefineme said...

All internet providers need a good kick in the butt. My internet connection has been down a lot too - and I work from home! My internet provider said they're not going to carry out any structural improvements on their service, and I can only end the contract once a year, in May. :(

I hope you have a connection again soon!!