Friday, June 06, 2008

Three to one

This is my Friday night's rant!

As I said earlier, D.'s job has its good and bad sides.

This weekend was supposed to be nice and I was looking forward to it as I had not seen D. the whole week but it got suddenly shortened from two days and three nights together to one day and one short night!

Some guys are sick or had to take days off because of personal stuff so the bosses picked out two guys from D.'s company and, oh, guess what, D. is one that two guys... what were the chances...

So he was back to working at the Elysée today, and also Sunday and Tuesday and he is quite mad about that because he is not supposed to be there so often, that is supposed to be the more little part of his job and because of that, we will not be able to train with his colleagues, what he has not done in a while.

So tonight, I am home alone, bored and sad sad And as D. forgot his mind at home this morning, he forgot to leave me the keys in the mailbox so I could not go there today, I will get up early tomorrow and drive over there around 8 - 8:30am, time they get back to the barracks.

Sunday, I will go and see Sex and the City the movie with a girlfriend of mine and be bored and sad again in the evening back home.

And, of course, weather forecast: tomorrow is supposed to be rainy but Sunday will be sunny!

Yeah right...

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Marianne said...

Oh no! I had exactly the same thing this weekend with the Colonel who had to work on Sunday- we should meet up and be bored and sad together! x