Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Glory of moving

I remember last time we had to move, 11 years ago, I was a teenager and moving was a good thing because it gave me the occasion to sort of my personal belongings and - let's face it - crap! lol

We did not move far away, we stayed in the same street actually and for a bigger apartment so it was quite an easy operation.
In about a month, I will be moving, after a decade spent in this apartment and more than 20 years in this town and neighborhood!

D. already has most of the furniture you can need, so I will only bring three or four pieces I want to keep. My mom will not bring anything to her partner's home and very few to the apartment she bought in her native town, in the center of France, she prefers to buy new furniture, it will cost her less money than rent a moving vehicle all the way there. So I began to put the furniture none of us will take on Ebay and another French Website.

If anyone is interested by a TV cupboard, a table and its four chairs, a bed (with slatted bed base and mattress) and its two bedside tables, a display cabinet, two 3 door-closets or a desk, let me know! Everything is in good condition!

Moving has its advantages and disadvantages.

The disvantage: there is so MUCH to do!

The advantage: you HAVE to sort, tidy, give away to associations and needy people and throw away! That's amazing and scary how much crap you can store in a decade! It's always "this could be useful one day..." or concerning clothes "I could wear it again later".

No, the answer is no. If after two years, you have not used the thing or worn the clothe, just give it away, you will never do it!

I do not recognize myself, giving away or throwing so many things. Good for me!
I also have lots of trinkets. I used to collect little bells you buy in the cities and country you go or that people bring you as a souvenir. I stopped collecting them as soon as the dedicated shelf was full, time to move on. I think I will keep the bigger and most pretty ones and store the others in a box. This is what I am going to go for my frogs collection and the other trinkets I have. The more little it is, the more annoying it is to clean a house and do the dusting!

I am also a lights fan! I have different sorts of lamps (color, shape, etc.), fairy lights and the one I love is my Playboy bunny neon light I got for a birthday.

I also want to buy this for my laptop. I am used to have my computer in the living room so I could not put in the office room like D., no I am not an Internet addict... mmhh rolleyes

My mom and I have always been books addict so I will also bring a huge collection of books and comics but fortunately D. also like books and had planned to buy a bookcase, nice... because I will really need one. wink

As I also do not want to rent a moving vehicle, I will begin to bring some furniture and little pieces each weekend - like CDs, DVDs, kitchen stuff, clothes... oh not wait, we need to buy a proper closet for me to be able to do that. mrgreen Even if I sorted my clothes, I still have quite many, I am a girl, so more than D. anyway, thus we need to figure out what type of closet we need to buy so that it is the more convenient possible for both of us.

June seems to be a very busy month to come.
I have to see my dad for Father's Day. I will go the week after because D. is taking me away for this surprise weekend and I will tell him about my new boyfriend AND me moving out with him...

There are medical and hairdresser appointments, birthday celebrations, friends who want to do dinner things to meet D., job hunting interviews and other appointments, preparing the moving out/in and then moving in about five weeks.

I actually had to print a calendar from Works software to write down all this because my agenda is just a mess now! eek

Let's meet in a month to see where I am at.


wontletlifedefineme said...

I'm already tired just from reading this! ;) Good luck with everything!

Marianne said...

Oooh, good luck, what a big operation. I MIGHT be interested in the bed - do you have any pics and a price range?! Loving the bartering on Blogger now! x M

Frogmae said...

@ Marjolein: I'm also tired just thinking about all this!! lol

@ Marianne: I sent you an email, pictures attached, on your Gmail address ;-)