Monday, June 30, 2008

A hot and wild weekend

On Friday night, we went to one of D.'s colleagues to celebrate his birthday, we were three couples and another single colleague. I do not drink. I mean, I like one cocktail once in a while but, I only got shit plastered one time in my life, last summer, in Malta. But Friday went differently, I do not know if that was the environment, the vibes, etc. One rum/orange led to another one after 5 of them, I was "happy"! Indeed, we all got quite drunk, except D. who had to be ready in case he would be called for an intervention for work and because he was working on Saturday morning also.

After the birthday dinner, we went to a night club they are used to go to. I am not a night club person but, as I said, the night livened things up. D. wanted to take his birthday pal on his moto but he was way to drunk so I took his place.

The day after was a hell of a bad day. OMG!! I can tell you that I now understand why I do not drink! I have been sick all day. Not like last year but not feeling good at all. I am now detoxified with alcohol for a while now! lol

Saturday night was a nice went evening. Ito the Stade de France - and in any stadium - for the first time to see the finale of the Top 14 (French competition) between Toulouse and Clermont-Ferrand. It has nothing to do with soccer, supporters are very nice to each other, even mixed together in the stadium. The atmosphere was very nice!

Sunday was such a nice sunny and hot day. We got a sunburn on the face (ouch, how to not look ridiculous when you got the sunglasses tan on your face and your nose all red!) and a light one on the arms and the décolleté. D. and I went to the Stunt Bike Show near Paris, I had been there last year, it was very nice and D. loved it! The moto is so practical when the motorway is full with traffic jam at the end of the day.

This week is going to be dedicated to boxes, packing again... and getting that sunburn into a nice suntan! wink

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Marianne said...

Ah, that sounds fun. I guess you've got to get drunk once in a while to remind you why it's not a good idea! I hope this weekend continues with the lovely weather x M