Friday, June 27, 2008

Don d'ubiquité

If only I could duplicate myself... (and be everywhere at the same time = to have the "ubiquité" gift).

I have been doing "nothing" for months and suddenly there is so much to do in so little time!

I have spent so many weekends by myself, at home, bored... and suddenly my weekends are overbusy and not enough or not long enough!

People's birthdays are on the whole year but no, they have to celebrate them the same weekends!

Here is an example.

, there is the birthday of a Univ. friend in Paris suburb but also one of D.'s colleagues birthday. My friend was born on May 3rd but she decided to do it tonight along with a friend of hers... why, people why?...

Tomorrow evening, I am going for the first time in my life in a stadium to see a game! A rugby match! The Top 14 final (National French competition) at the Stade de France with my mom and her partner. I am so excited!! But of course, one of my friend was born on June 28th and she sent a text message earlier to warn people she was celebrating her birthday with dinner at a restaurant near the Champs Elysées and then a drink in a Pub. The game should end around 11pm, I hope I can make it to have, at least, a drink there. D. should also come and join me at the Pub as it is three RER (Paris & suburbian metro) stations away from home.

On Sunday, we are going to see a Stunt Bike Show!! I was there last year (without my moto license at that time) and I had loved it!

Next weekend, an Internet friend is coming to Paris for the weekend. Her boyfriend and some of his friends are coming for the huge concert host in the Stade de France by Cathy Guetta so she took advantage of that to come and finally meet. I have had many friends I met with Internet, I met my Italian friend from Rome with who I became close friend on Internet a decade ago, I have another friend who registered on a forum to meet new people in Paris when she arrived from the South of France with her boyfriend (now husband) three years ago... And I met D. on Internet! Stéphanie and I have known each other for 9 years now but never got the chance to meet, we are eager to be able to finally do it next weekend.

Next weekend also hosts a birthday party. Two male friends from Business School are celebrating their birthday (one born June 3rd and one June 30rd) with a picnic at the feet of the Tour Eiffel on the Champs de Mars on Saturday evening.

The weekend after (July 12), D's mom is coming from the South of France with her partner for the weekend.

And the weekend after that (July 19) is the BIG MOVE!!! Wow, only three weeks left before the big thing... I was confident and looking forward to it but now that it is getting closer, I am getting... anxious, wondering about all that... scared (?), do not really know, it is a bunch of emotions and feelings mixed all together.

I am also looking at where to go on the last week of August as we planned two weeks of vacations with D. The first week of September, we are going to the little house near Montpellier, it is a little house that D's mom rent out and that is the only week available so far. So, we are looking for a place to stay for free the week before that, it could be Marseille, because my 21 years old niece has a studio there for her studies or at my Roman friend's, will ask.

As you can see, so many things to do in so little time. Beside that, still job hunting and negative answers to job applications. Imagine if I was working, I would be out of time, but at least, I would be working.

Will give you a little after-weekend feedback next week.

Have a nice weekend fellow bloggers!

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Marianne said...

I know how you feel- I hate it when things are all the same weekend, and then I usually feel sad that I have nothing to do the next weekend! Sounds like lovely summer plans - I hope you get it all sorted out and have a chance to relax after all the moving and job-hunting! x M