Friday, February 20, 2009

Bewitched by a Twilight...

It is, with high expectations, that I went and saw Twilight yesterday at the movie theater. A "teenagers" movie about vampires... At first, I was not really inspired but after all the buzz about this upcoming movie for months in the media and then all my friends and even my mom telling me how great it was, I decided to go and see it.

I cannot say if it is the story, the birth of the romance between the vampire Edward and the human Bella and their true love for each other no matter their huge differences in their way of living, the color and the light of the pictures, the landscapes, the soundtrack the charisma of the main characters or all the above, but I was instantly bewitched and enchanted by this movie!

I never heard about the novels before so I was not prejudiced against anything, only to see an entertaining film and it was more than that that happened.

This non soppy romance just made me want to live something like that - not meeting a charming vampire - but a charming man and be able to live one day, one true love like this like one.

This is just more than a young people movie about vampires, so much more...

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