Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reunion of the Past

Yesterday evening, I went to a reunion of former pupils of the Elementary school of my former town I went to. Thanks to Facebook and another Website that permits you to find old classmates, we decided to organize a little reunion in a TexMex restaurant in Paris.

We were only 9 for this first round but it was perfect to chat and talk about old times for hours! Some of us have kept in touch but you cannot stay in contact with all your former classmates and buddies of your childhood!

The restaurant and food were nice as well as the environment, it is nice we all got along about 15 years later! A part of us still leaves in the town of our school or the neighborhood and others, as I do, leave on the West part of Paris suburb, so one guy of the reunion came to pick me up as for another guy who used to live next to my house.

It was really nice to catch up all together!! Lost of laughings, memories conversations, talking about some kids we did not like and are still, as adult people, ass-holes or about what people became (marriage, kids, moving, etc.).

We already planned to meet for another round on April 18th to try to gather more people, that could not be there yesterday. This time we will try to book something convenient for about 15 people, so more quiet and less crowded and plan a bowling session afterwards! Always an activity very social and practical to chat!

This is when you are glad to leave in the Internet and Facebook era!

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wontletlifedefineme said...

It sounds like a lot of fun!