Sunday, March 01, 2009

February feed back

It is already March!

I was thinking that, as always, time goes by fast and two months have already passed since the beginning of 2009!

I have so many expectations this year, let us see where I am now.

*I started a new part-time job and I really like it, the environment, the colleagues, the fact that it is 5min away by foot, it is not my dream job but so far it is okay. The woman in charge of the shop offered me to switch my part-time contract on a full-time one and become her assistant. As I have said before, I am preparing myself for some tests for a job I dream to be able to do in a few weeks. If I succeed these tests next month - medical tests, sport, psychotechnic, motivation, etc. it lasts 3 days - I will not enter the training next May but next September, so it lets me five months to work and take some vacation till then and I don't know if I want to stay at Kookaï and switch to part-time of course or find another job, since I have not found one for the last 2 years!

I really got to think about it!

*In order to be able to pass the tests for my dream job next month, I kept going to the fitness club because I love it but last month I started a more intense rythme and a coach there created me a personnalized program. More muscle-building exercises and a specific running /cardio exercise - I hate running. I have to keep on that track until next month and if I pass (I will... I will!), I will be able to slow it down a little.

* Along with the sport thing, I need to keep on the good track about food. I can be easily week on sweet things, eat between meals (crackers, biscuits, a bowl of cereals, etc.), so I need to get rid of this for now (very very hard) and eat more proteines (egg, soft white cheese, lentils, bananas) but also ananas to burn bad calories and rapid sugar before and after sport to help muscles to work well and not weaken them and thus avoid possible injuries.

*Now that I know that I will be in Paris until, at least, end of August, I will continue the decoration of my apartlent. I had made a break last November because I wanted to be sure I would stay here for some time so that it would be worth it (painting, putting shelves, etc.). I will not spend a lot of money on that but I have been already bored with wall walls everywhere, I need some color and more decoration.

* I want to keep cooking, going to the movies, go out more with my friends for a drink or something (depends on money), go to bed earlier than I used to (it has been years since I am used to go to bed around midnight) and take time to read all my books (bought the next Twilight's saga novels in English), take advantage of the upcoming nice weekends and finally go for walks in the neighborhood and discover all the parks, woods and towns I don't know around here. I miss being in a relationship, but I got to thinking, I think I would not even have time for another person, when I don't work, I go to the fitness club or want to have time for myself, to cook, take care of the apartment, go out on my own or with my friends... I will see where I am at in a few weeks when it gets less busy in my life.

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Rochelle said...

Can you tell us what your dream job is? It must be physical, that's for sure...are you planning to join the police?