Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You only live ones!

Last year when I started this blog, I was a freshly new motorcycle driver!

It has been a year since I has been waiting to be able to afford the buying of a moto but also the insurance, the gas, the renting of a car park place, etc. as I did not have any fixed job or salary.

Right now, even if I have been working as a temp salesperson, which means that I do not have a important salary, I have helps to pay the rent of my apartment but also live so I decided to please myself and buy a motorcycle! As we say "one only lives ones!".

It may be hard to live comfortably for the next few months but I have been used to that already and do not spend money of silly things, do not go out or buy lost of extra besides paying the bills and go to the supermarket and eat well. So let's do it!

This past weekend, I made some calculus between what I earn in total and what I spend each month and what will cost the moto with all the spendings aside.
- I have enough money to buy a nice a secondhand moto (my maximum budget is 4000 euros).

- My mom will offer me the first year of insurance (approximatly 1000 euros, I have made online quotations and will now call two of them to have more details and chose of of the two).

- As I live downtown, I do not have any room to park a vehicule so I have looked online for a car park place to rent ( a private garage is too expensive!) and will finally take a subcription in one of the nearest public car park of where I live (it is 5 min away on foot, is closed at night and only people who registered and have an electronic key can have access to the car park and thus their vehicule, it costs 45 euros a month for a moto and is cheaper than what I found through private renting).

- Then I will just need to buy a second helmet for any person who would want to ride with me, a anti-theft device and be ready to wait half a day at the Préfecture with a good book - like last year - to have my first carte grise (car registration document).

I am so excited, happy and scared! It is a lot of money but I want to do this, I do not go on vacation anymore since I have not had a fixed job, so this spring/summer, my vacation will be on my moto, riding the road of the neighborhood and the region. I am like a child who is about to have her first doll, her first makeup vanity, her first puppy or any FIRST great thing she has been expecting wisely for so long.

This Friday, is Friday 13 again, I will buy a loterie ticket, any more lucky money would be welcome! Please, please, moto fairy, come to me! biggrin


wontletlifedefineme said...

That sounds great! Have you already decided on what kind of motorbike you want to buy?

I was so confused when my car broke down in France and they asked for my carte grise, in the Netherlands it's the green card!

Frogmae said...

Yes, that's the one in picture! ;)

How funny, it is the green card in the Netherlands? And if you say Green Card in the US, that's also not the same!... lol

Ninie said...

Qu'est-ce qu'elle est jolie la moto sur la photo!!!!