Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gone with the Wind

I was in lack of inspiration this week to write on the blog but, unfortunately, what happenned this morning could not be untold about.

I arrived at the fitness club this morning and the door was closed and locked. I was really surprised and wondered what could be the problem. I quickly kind of understood when I saw that official paper that said something that the club was closed because of a judicial procedure! In the following minutes, other members continued to arrive and some of them were kind of aware of what was going on. The club has been closed by bailiffs since Thursday morning and it would be due to unpaid rents amongst other reasons. This means that the club is not ready to reopen soon, the procedure could last for months or years! But whatever the time it will last, I WANT TO SEE MY MONEY BACK sons of a b***.

Like many other people, I paid with several checks and the 4th and last one was cashed a few days ago! So now, my money is gone and so is the one of many other members, some of them had paid for a 2-year membership and some others had been proposed to pay in cash and have a 30% discount, what an odd procedure! Cash is so untraceable and can directly go into the manager's pockets!

You cannot imagine how pissed I was and still am! And as I cannot stay without doing a sportive activity and intensive training because I am preparing myself for some selections to enter a specific job, I need to train regularly if I do not want to fail on the sportive tests!

I called my mom to let her know because I was shocked and scared because I do not have lots of money right now and with all this money gone, it would hard to pay for another membership so she reassured me and she will help me pay for a new one in another club.

So right away when I got back home, I looked on Internet for the closest clubs and decided to go and see the Club Med Gym of La Défense, it is about 20 minutes by bus, so not very practical but as I do not have a car here, it is the closest one. I am usually not fond of chains but I would be too scared to register to another independent fitness club now that this thing happenned.

I visited the place and it is very big and nice, with many cardio machines (about 20 treadmills compared to the only 2 of my beloved fitness club), a sauna, a hammam, two courses rooms, a cycling room and a swimming pool. It is open from 7am to 9:30pm! (the fitness club of my town was open from 10am only to 9pm). I registered for a trimester because it is cheaper in the end than monthly and I will see how it goes in June.

I am still mad at those people but I need to focus on my training and will put all my energy in that, I will have lost a week of training with all this and will lose some time having to go further away now on the new fitness club but cannot do differently... so let's move!


Ninie said...

C'est dingue comme truc dis-donc! J'espère que tu reverras la couleur de ton argent rapidement.
Tiens moi au courant de l'avancée de l'affaire.
Et bonne chance pour ton sport en attendant le Club Med ;-)

wontletlifedefineme said...

I hope you still get your money back!

Rochelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! I've actually heard of that happening before. A lot of the fitness centres in my city have gone bust, I don't know if people got their money back or not though..I hope you do. Maybe if all the members got together you could do a class action lawsuit as a group?

Flo said...

Hummm tu veux rentrer dans la police? ou les pompiers peut-être? humm je cherche encore...