Sunday, March 22, 2009

Xena welcomes Kiwi!

Long-awaited for more than a year, here she is!!! My first vehicle and my first moto!

As I said in a previous post, this is kind of a purchase that costs (a lot) but, what is the use of savings if keeping them in your accounts...

On Friday, I went to see it at the moto dealer, loved it, it is a second-hand but has been almost completely repaired after an accident. So, she is kind of brand new! And I like the digital mileage so you know exactly your speed (damn radars!) but it also provides you the time! How convenient because while driving a motorcycle, you cannot really look at your watch, can you?! lol

I let a deposit and came back to take her yesterday afternoon with a moto pal because I did not want to drive by myself for the first time after so long. All the administrative paperwork took an hour and a half but then it was finally time for me to leave with my new friend!

All the reflexes came back instantly! I was not very comfortable with the trafic and the assholes than do not care about you but I will practice and drive more in the city trafic to get used to it again, we took the périphérique and then a little part of the motorway, drove until St Germain en Laye, stopped on the way back to my town for me to put gas in the moto and then my moto pal left me to head back to where he leaves and I went home too, parked the moto on its private parking place and walked the few meters to go home.

I had forgotten that people often turn their head when they realize your a girl riding a motorcycle or wearing moto outfit and helmet! lol

I am eager to take my little friend out again!


wontletlifedefineme said...

It looks nice!!

Ninie said...

j'espère que tu descendras avec cet été!!
en tout cas, je suis vraiment super contente pour toi!