Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yes, I can!

Since I registered to this other fitness club two weeks ago, I had not had the time to take an appointment with a coach to adapt the program that had been made for me by a coach of my fitness club (that closed for unpaid rents) to the muscle-building machines there.

Leaving work at 6pm, I arrived there at 6:45pm on time for whether Body Pump, Body Attack or Aqua Slim, what only left me the possibility to attend the Body Attack course that does not require any equipment preparation or swimsuit. This a 100% cardio course! It gives you a great energy! I was meeting Philippe, the coach, at 8pm at the end of the course. When I saw him arriving, I puzzled by his physical appearance, bold, all muscle-build on the upper part of his body, with big arms and everything, with muscled but thin shaved legs and big colored tatoo on his left arm... and a strong voice!

The appointment was really worth it, he talked a lot about food, where to find proteins - because you strongly need them when you are working on muscle building your body - what to avoid, etc. Advice that had never been given to me and then he showed me how to use all the machines I would need for my personal training. It lasted about 45 minutes!

The girl coach I had met at my former fitness club had just given me some advice about 3 machines. He explained me how to use between 10 to 15 machines (apart from the cardio ones)! He took my email address and later in the evening, sent me my personal training program with advice notes about muscle-building, diet, etc. and assured me that, if I follow this program, I will have the results expected and be ready for the big day. I hope so!

Finally, going to thisa new fitness club has some advantages, I will maybe be better prepared with this program, he sensed my motivation (good!) and that I was surely the kind of girl that could do it! That is a nice thing to hear.

The only incovenient of this special diet is that for the month to come I will have to eat again chicken, I do not like that but I will need that source of protein (I am absolutely not going to eat again any other kind of meat!), eat lots and lots of eggs, almost every day, prefer five meals to the regular three and be sure to have proteins in each one. Well, let's go!


Ninie said...

rassure moi, tu veux qd meme pas ressembler à la fille de la photo????

Frogmae said...

si, pourquoi pas?...

noooonnnn c'est horriblement moche!!!

et puis pour en arriver là pour travailler tous les jours comme une dingue et avoir un mode de vie et une alimentation TRES spéciale! berk...

wontletlifedefineme said...

Sounds like you're on the right track with this. Good luck with the workouts and the diet!