Monday, April 27, 2009

Thursday it ends.

Here it is, this is my last week of work.

Due to various reasons, I will be out of work at the end of this week.

The tests I was scheduled to take for the dream job on early May are postponned till the end of May or early June because of some personnal problems.

Indeed, I will take advantage of this free time to go as I want to the fitness club but will also try to find some temp work or hosting missions till then at least.

The bad news are that at the same time I lose this job, the government help I was receiving since last April, will be reduced from May till July because I have worked since January and files are reviewed every three-month. BAD TIMING! sad

It is going to be even harder that it already was, just spend money on rent, bills and grocery. No any luxuary, for now.

Right now, I am kind of stressed about that situation but also kind of relieved because the job was becoming a pain in the a**. I am so eager to be at the end of this week and be done with that and be able to go on a new path, but which one?

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wontletlifedefineme said...

Good luck searching for a new job, and making ends meet.I hope you get the job you want so badly!