Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy 14th February!

One of my fellow bloggers was noticing that it was her first Valentine's Day as a single person.

Getting older, I have been caring less and less about that celebration. Who should care?

I think that, since I have been dating, twelve years ago, I have only been in a couple the three years I was dating that Greek guy from University. And we did not want to do anything special on that day because we thought it was kind of lame. For me, 14th of February is just one of my nieces' birthday.

But, you can't not be aware of Valentine's Day, it is in lingerie, jewelry, clothes shop windows. But also on traveling Websites and many other kind of on line shops, in magazines, beauty institutes, even fitness clubs - "Get a discount if you come and join us with your spouse" and what if I am single, I don't get the discount??...

No offense for the ones who like Valentine's Day but it is kind of a crappy-commercial-and-marketing-only feast. If, when you are in love, you wait for that special day to offer a gift to your loved one, be nice, go out, buy flowers, dress well and tell your love... what a pity and what a waste. One should celebrate love every day or at least, when one wants Everyday little attentions are so much nicer and unexpected!

Creating a day for lovers is also kind of selfish, it is like if there was the day of rich or handsome people. Well, sorry, but if you are poor or ugly, you don't get to celebrating. You will say, so Mothers and Fathers day is also stupid? Well, if we go in that direction, yes, can you imagine the pain of every woman who dream to become a mom and cannot be one on Mothers Day...

So, yes, go one and celebrate love with all the lovers on earth, nothing is wrong about that, but what is the deep meaning of such special days? Buy, spend money... marketing goal. Be master of your life!

This weekend, I am at my mom's, in my former town, her and her partner are out for dinner for Valentine's Day. She bought me sushi because she knows I like them, they are just in shaped heart plastic box... *sight*

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wontletlifedefineme said...

I totally agree with you. You don't need Valentine's Day to show your loved ones you care. And it's very marketing-hey-it's-winter-people-are-spending-less-money-let's-create-a-holiday oriented. We went to Bruges last weekend, but when looking at prices of hotels my boyfriend typed in the dates of Valentine's weekend instead. The prices were so much higher around Valentine's day than the weekend before it!