Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A 'Hole' Day

Since I have been working at Kookaï, a month ago, I have faced calm working days but never as this week! Since Monday, working days have been freaking calm and quiet!

There is this period between the end of the month and the beginning of the following one when people are expecting their pay, have paid their rent, bills for the month to come, there have been Christmas's spendings and last month, winter Sales began, people have spent all their money and are now waiting for the sun to rise again...

Each day, there is a costumer that brightens our day with a nice bill and few New Collection pieces (average price of the New Collection clothes 70 euros) but most people are still looking for the last pieces from the Sales, most common sizes are gone, the nicest pieces are gone too so most of them enter the shop and leave within 5 minutes, not much for us.

Our daily turnover objective for February now that Sales are almost over is 2,150 euros. Monday, we did 700, Tuesday 1,500 (thanks to a 240 euro sale to one customer) and today we only reached 910 euros... Far from the 2,000 to 6,000 euros we used to do per day last Month!

During the first weeks of the Sales, we also had a lot to do all day long, change the price on each price sticker - in the shop, in the drawers and in the storeroom - put new pieces bought by the customers from the storeroom into the shop, redo the clothes piles, put the hanging clothes back in the right order, take care of the deliveries and take care of the costumers. Sometimes, we did not have enough time to do all that. Now, we have too much time to just take care of the customers - because there are not many ones - and the shop - deliveries are much smaller now for the New Collection. There were four of us today, it was our boss's (the lady in charge of the shop) day off so we could chat, joke around, just chill and be bored but tomorrow, there won't be time for that... even if we have nothing to do.

I cannot wait to be tomorrow evening and done with this ghostly week!

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penelope said...

Nice to hear that you've found a job! Unfortunately the recession is looming....
Good for you tomorrow is a relaxing day